Terror At Krysa

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297 Krysa (East) (12,11) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Krysa (East) (3,10)
  3. Go to Krysa (East) (5,2)
  4. Kill 10 Hellos Terror Birds
  5. Return to Krysa (East) (3,10)


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You come across a young Neanderthal. He quickly runs to you and asks for your help. He tells you his village is being attacked. Will you help them?

The young Neanderthal tells you his village is being attacked by a large group of Hellos Terror Birds and that they need your help defeating them and that only he was able to escape the carnage. He tels you that his people will reward him well if he helps and that the village is to the west of the area.

You find the village that is being attacked and sneek into it. Once inside you find the village Elder and tell him you have been sent here to help. The Elder accepts your help and gives you a task that will help the village win against the Hellos Terror Birds. Do you accept the task?

The village Elder tells you that they are running out of weapon supplys such as arrows and spears. They keep these materials in a hut located away from the village. Since you were good enough to sneek into the village unseen you should be able to get the supplys and back unseen also! Find the hut and return with supplys.

Your sneeking has served you well and have found the hut undetected. Will you enter the hut and collect the supplys?

You gather up the supplys. But it would seem you are not as good as sneeking as you thought as several Hellos Terror Birds lurk outside waiting for you. You must kill all 10 before it is safe to return back to the Neanderthals Village. You gain 1 x Neanderthal Supplys.

Have you killed all the Hellos Terror Birds?

You are free from the Hellos Terror Birds that stalked you and have entered the village again. The Elder is pleased to have fresh supplys and distrabutes them to his men. He tells you now it will be easy to drive away the Hellos Terror Birds and that he no longer needs your help. The Elder rewards you well and sends you on your way. You gain 45,050 gold, 290,110 xp and 1 x Neanderthal Axe.