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Do not edit this page!
This template is intended only for use on the Fan Websites page.
Editing this page may cause the template to stop working properly.


This template requires 4 parameters. To use it, put the following code into the Fan Websites page and fill in the parameters. Note, the screenshot image needs to be uploaded to the wiki since external images will not work in this template. Do not use a new line for each parameter since that will break the page that uses template.

{{Fan Website|url|name|image|description}}


1 = URL (website address) . ex: http://etc, etc, etc.com
2 = Website Name. . . . . . ex: Etc, Guide
3 = Screenshot Image. . . . ex: AnyImage.jpg
4 = Description . . . . . . ex: A ''sample'' [[Fan Websites{{!}}fan site]] dedicated to etc...