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brale (north), 8,10

Quest Serpent Breakout

You come across a medicine mans hut. The medicine man is panicking and when you ask him what the matter is he tells you that he’s been milking venom form Brale Sabre Serpents for vaccination but someone has let them loose and they must be destroyed as they are so dangerous. Will you help the man kill all the escaped serpents?

click yes... Quest Updated: Serpent Breakout

You agree to kill all the escaped Brale Sabre Serpents. The medicine man tells you that around 20 snakes have escaped and to return when you have killed them all.

Quest Serpent Breakout

You return to the medicine hut and the medicine man asks if you have taken care of all the serpents?

( 20 / 20 Brale Sabre Serpents killed ) click yes... Quest Updated: Serpent Breakout

The medicine man is really happy and gives you over a reward of gold for completing the task for him.You gain 8,800 gold and 19,300 Xp.

Quest Completed!