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Statistical Analysis

Player With dodge at 100%:

Dodge: 2/44; Fail to Dodge: 42/44

--- --- ---

Creature with dodge between 15 and 20 (average 17.55)

Fail to dodge : 335/335

--- --- ---

Did anyone ever see a raptor make a dodge? If not, maybe you need a minimal dodge value before it can work (rounding down to 0%) or perhaps it is broken for creatures... Phoxtrot 11:36, 24 April 2008 (BST)

Statistical Analysis

165 success out of 4751 strikes in PvP with various dodge enhancement values.

If I postulate that the dodge chance is directly linearly dependant to the enhancement value, I obtain a chance of 3.9619% for a dodge enhancement at 100%.

It seems however that the skills and enhancements work in steps (which explain why those raptors never dodged), so if I consider that your enhancement value is rounded down to the nearest multiple of 20 before being converted into a % chance, I obtain a chance of 4.1401% for an enhancement at 100%.

The lowest skill value seen (so far) for which Dodge kicked-in : 45

I haven't computed the different likelyness values and all that for the different candidate algorithms but I would guess that each batch of 25 points in dodge enhancement gives you an additionnal 1% chance to dodge.

Phoxtrot 15:38, 25 January 2009 (UTC)