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I do not know why the Damage Stat line is not showing on this page after the format was changed from the old style page. Also the Hellforge Stat with an EXCELLANT Craft Level for this weapon is ATT 100; DAM 157; STAM 40 for Hellforge +5.

That's fixed... The problem is IE/Opera don't always interpret 3 digit color codes properly and that was what the template used. As for hellforged stats, I've put together a hellforge calculator template but we can't use it until HCS gets around to adding Extension:Parserfunctions to the wiki. In the meantime, we're not worrying about hellforged stats.
 Belgrave, Moderator / Sysop  Talk  Message PM 

Thank you for fixing the problem. The stats that I listed above are on the Cracked Lava War Hammer I have. I understand the part about the Hellforge part on the page format. I was just wondering how the person who made this WEB Site was able to have a HELLFORGE Calculator on it. I am not trying to provoke anything here. I was just curious.
   DavidAHare,Talk Message PM 03:38, 11 September 2008 (BST)

It isn't hard to make a hellforge calculator... You just need to be able to run mathematical calculations, something the wiki currently doesn't permit. His website does it because it's not a wiki and he can all the background code he wants to his own pages. The formula is something like:
x = original-stat + round-down( ( forge-bonus + level-bonus) / number-of-stats )
I would have linked directly to that hellforge calculator, but I can't find a way to automatically have it put in all the stats for you.

 Belgrave, Moderator / Sysop  Talk  Message PM