Storm Crushed

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533 Cursed Isle of Darkwater (Upper Beach) (9,14) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Obtain Globster Hook
  3. Return to Start


  • 935,736 XP

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A very drunk Fisherman waddles up to you and throws his arms around you, 'Welcome to Darkwater Village, the unluck-ish place in the world.'

You untangle yourself from the man and ask him why it's an unlucky place. He waves his arms around expansively, 'I got my boat broke by those storms that hit last month. My catch before that got nabbed by Pirates. So now I'm broke and my ship is gone and my wife is thinking of leaving me with the kid. I'm running out of money to buy booze, there is nothing I can do without a boat. I can't even fish - I got no hooks and no money to buy them. Those Globsters are too scary to get hooks from. Though their hooks are the best in the world. Mind you, I'd bet you could get a hook for me.' You sigh as you see hope flash in his eyes, and nod wearily.

The Drunk Fisherman sits with is head in his hands weeping to himself, 'You got a Globster Hook for me?'

He takes the Hook, 'Thank-sh, Oh watch your-shelf, we got those weird GorGulGol folks here. They also make the place unlucky. We don't know who worships the freaky Death God but more than one is one too many in my opinion. One thing that always marks them out is that they always want stuff that has no value, except that it causes pain. Like Starfish teeth, anyway thanks again for the Hook. I can now go fish for our dinner tonight, that'll please the wife at least.' You receive 935,736 Xp