Stones Need Souls

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299 Erosi (North) (9,8) [none]



  1. Kill 30 Dire Wolves
  2. Go to Erosi (North) (9,8)


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As you explore the dangerous landscape of Erosi you come across a weird and magical stone circle. You deside to investagate this place and notus the stones are covered in repeting hieroglyphics. Will you attempt to decipher them to find out more about this place?

As you study you realise how simple they are to read. After much reading you find out that a great secret lies within the stones but it can only be released by the sacrifice of Dire wolf souls. Having witnesed the Dire Wolves first hand this is something you dont not agree with. You must kill 30 Dire Wolves then return to the stones.

You have returned to the stones. Have you sacrificed 30 Dire Wolves?

You step into the stone circle and the stones react to the souls you have sacrificed to learn of the secret. In a blinding flash in front of you lies the secret of the stone circle. You gain 320,768 xp and 1 x Crown of Erosi.