Stolen Heart

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535 Cursed Isle of Darkwater (Broken Plain) (13,6) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Cursed Isle of Darkwater (Broken Plain) (2,8)
  3. Go to Cursed Isle of Darkwater (Hollow) (7,8)
  4. Obtain Octo Captive Key
  5. Return to Cursed Isle of Darkwater (Hollow) (7,8)
  6. Return to Start


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The Broken Plain covers the majority of the lower half of the Island. A wide expanse of stone that is battered by harsh gusts of wind. In this unforgiving place you are surprised to be greeted by a distraught Fisherman obviously from the Darkwater Village.

The man stops running and gulps down air like a drowning man, 'It's my wife, she has been taken by those monsters. They form hunting parties and take our women and they are never seen again. Can you find her please.'

In a hidden hollow you find a scarred Octo Sapien packing up a makeshift camp.

The odd looking creature freezes at your voice, 'It's uncommon to have conversation from a Human. What do you want?' You explain that there is a man running wildly around the Plain looking for his Wife, and ask him if he knows where she is. The Pack Leader takes a long ragged breath. 'We have taken her to our Hollow. I'm very sorry, she will not return. There are no females to our kind, so we must take from yours. It saddens me greatly, but we have no option. We have no wish to become extinct.' You see deep sorrow in the Pack Leader's eyes as he speaks, but feel no pity for the creature. The Hollow must be near.

The Hollow is a pleasant valley with light streaming through the clouds in pillars of light. You are starting to enjoy the walk when a rasping cry shatters the air.

Hunched in a ball of fear you find the lost Fishwife, you are puzzled why she isn't guarded. 'They might be ugly but they are clever, they have bound me with magical shackles. The Champions have the Octo Captive Key. Please free me. You can't leave me to this fate.'

The Fishwife is beside herself in terror, 'Have you found the Octo Captive Key.'

She can't quite believe that the shackles fall from her wrists, you gently help her stand. 'Lets go find your Husband. He's running round the Broken Plain like a headless chicken.'

The Distraught Fisherman seems to be running round in small circles in a mindless panic. 'Have you found my Wife?'

He does not say a word but simply gathers her up in his arms, 'Thank you Warrior, take this Coral Dagger. I found it on the corpse of one of those horrible fish men. Luck be with you Warrior!' You receive 1,114,193 Xp + 1 x Packhunter Dagger