Spirit Storm

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59 Plague Mists (Coast) (15,8) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Plague Mists (Coast) (13,16)
  3. Invent Deepwater Spirit Ward
  4. Return to Plague Mists (Coast) (13,16)
  5. Return to Start
  6. Go to Plague Mists (Coast) (7,16)


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Ethan calls to you in a panic.

He grabs you, 'They have risen again! The Spirits of the sea came ages ago, I don't know the reason. But the Elder had a Priest of the Ways come and bless a Sea Shrine so that we could repel them. But it is always at a cost. A sacrifice must be made.' You look appalled, Ethan blinks at you.

'No, no, not human sacrifice. The Light is not like that. You need to give an offering, as is the way of things. Please dispel this spirit invasion, go search the Misthaven Shrine. I'm sure you will find something to help. You will find it near the coast just south of here.'

You feel the harsh sea wind blasting you now that you are near the coast. Before you is a rough stone shrine.

The little Shrine is well attended. It has been worn by the ages but even so it is littered with small offerings. You assume its probably given by the Fisherman's Wives for their Mens protection against the storms. Then a sudden chill crawls up your back, you see a ghostly figure drift past looking for something.

You snap back to the shrine. There is nothing obvious that would help. you feel fear rise inside you. You push aside the offerings. They scatter onto the floor. Still nothing!

Anger begins to burn. You clear out the offerings and they scatter around your feet. You remorselessly rake the old offerings out. At the back of the shrine your fingers find a small metal scroll tube. You smile and take it. You open it and see that it is a recipe that lists the ingredients to make a Spirit ward. You should make a Ward and place it into the Sea Shrine.

You receive 1 x Recipe of Deepwater Spirit Ward

The old Sea Shrine is surrounded with angry Spirits when you return. You should place the Spirit Ward within the shrine. This might repel them from the Village.

The Shrine has been cleared of offerings in your panicked search for the Ward. You sit the odd object inside the Shrine. There is a moment of silence. The the Ward gives a small glow. It brightens – then a massive flash of pure light explodes silently from the Shrine. You hear the shrieks of pain come from the Sea Spirits as they are consumed by the holy light. In an instant the light is gone.

You hear a small metallic 'clink'. Looking down to where you placed the Ward, you see a small copper scroll tube. You smile, then push it to the back of the Shrine where you found it.

You should go see if Ethan is all right.

Ethan is getting up from the ground as you arrive.

He brushes himself down, 'I was struggling with one of those Spirits when there was a tremendous flash. Then I fell to the ground because the Spirit I was fighting wasn't there any more!' He grins wildly at you – I take it you managed to give something as an offering to the Sea Shrine?'

You nod, then describe finding the small copper scroll tube with a recipe within and using it to give the Shrine a Spirit Ward. He stares at you in amazement, 'Well then, with the coast clear I think we should go get a Pint. I'll meet you in the Pub.'

You should go to the Pub in Misthaven and get your well earned Pint.

The Misthaven Pub is a welcoming place of warmth and merriment.

The door swings open on well oiled hinges, you see the room is filled with people. Ethan rushes up to you and pushes a Pint into your hand. 'Well done my friend. You have done us a great favor. We shall remember you in tale around the fire. None will forget your actions here.' His face beams at you with honest gratitude. You mumble something and take a deep drink of the frothy Pint.

You are dragged into the center of the Pub and everyone there shakes your hand. A plate of thick fish stew is handed to you. Sitting down you eat your fill. It's not often you are thanked for your deeds. It feels good.

You finish the tasty stew and another Pint appears to refresh the old. Tension seeps out of you. The barmaid comes round the tables collecting the empty mugs and she stops at your table. 'Thanks for all the help. We would not have survived without you.' You grin up to her, then ask her about the Female Mage that stayed here a few days ago.

She wrinkles her nose, 'Yeah, I remember her. We didn't get on. She was a hit with the men of course, but she was off with me. She only wanted to know if there were any old temples around here. We told her that there were none. Just the Sea Shrine. The only other thing of interest here apart from the harbor is the Caves. You can find them just north. They are bigger than you would think and it's not entirely explored, so be careful if you go in there. You can get lost easily.'

You nod and thank her for her time. She winks at you, 'Well, since you saved Misthaven I think you deserve something for you efforts.' She walks off, and drops the empty mugs on the bar. Reaches down and pours you another Pint. She sighs deeply as she hands it to you, 'Well, there is so much work to do while everyone else is having a good time. Go easy on that, it a powerful brew. We don't serve it to strangers normally. But I think you're an exception to that rule. Enjoy.'

You would guess that Thalmar has entered the Caves for some reason. You should check it out in the morning. Right now, all you wish for is a warm safe bed.

You receive 21,561 Xp + Misthaven Special