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'Ring of the Horrifying Haunt to Amulet of Brilzal
Amulet of Brualle to Amulet of JoNirKa
Amulet of Joahe to Amulet of Thesla
Amulet of Thievery to Armor of Athdor
Armor of Atkial to Armor of Intvall
Armor of Irdos to Armor of Uziah
Armor of Valoran to Axe of Valea
Axe of Verfila to Bestiary:491-500
Bestiary:501-510 to Blood Demon Sword/Hellforged
Blood Eye to Boots of Fesla
Boots of Firael to Boots of Rillian
Boots of Rillindore to Broken Rune Staff of Throthnir
Broken Shroud Wing to Ceptor Shield
Ceramic Bomb to Components
Composing to Crestoun (Outskirts)
Crestoun (Shamble Alley) to Dark Ethal Shield
Dark Falling to Demonic Cleaving Blade
Demonic Cuirass to Dreadlords Baneful Signet
Dreadlords Baneful Signet Recipe to Elghast Portal
Elghast Wares to Et in Arcadia ego
Et in arcadia ego to Fighting Back
Fighting Claw to Fortitude
Fortress of Elya (Barracks) to Gelorath Hell Spider
Gelorath Jumping Spider to Gloves of Coupal
Gloves of Coupal/Hellforged to Gloves of Modakle
Gloves of Monale to Gloves of Xerdes
Gloves of Xeshtan to Great Goitha Sewers (Egress)
Great Goitha Sewers (Inner) to Hadren Market
Hafted Blade of Drella to Helmet of Angrale
Helmet of Ankwoth to Helmet of Kozvin
Helmet of Kragh to Helmet of Zelfar
Helmet of Zelfar/Hellforged to Ice Fields Portal
Ice Fleece to Item Images 16400-16499
Item Images 16500-16599 to Karthak (Seastone Locker)
Karthak (Sewer Chamber) to Krudar Crags (Border)
Krudar Crags (East) to Lifedrinker Wrapping
Light Foot to Maddened Denarath Sprite
Maddened Shuito Sprite to Minos War Set
Minos Warhammer Haft to Narkort (East)
Narkort (North) to Omegis
Omen of Trouble to Pheonice Armor
Pheonice Shield to Potion of the Spiteful Merchant
Potion of the Tinkerer to Rabid Yari's!
Rackmon Halberd to Recipe of Barcas Mouldy Meat Boots
Recipe of Beardfaces Chainsaw to Red Devil
Red Devil (Champion) to Ring of Gasrel
Ring of Gathjorin to Ring of Slupal
Ring of Smalei to Rune of Avatal
Rune of Azlatha to Rune of Hahrela
Rune of Halgbast to Rune of Retuthar
Rune of Rewalk to Saber of Lontall
Saber of Roasuila to Searing Orb
Searing Wilds to Shield of Fadli
Shield of Fageloa to Shield of Ralghmar
Shield of Ralthien to Sigel Rune
Sigel Rune/Hellforged to Sortable List of Helmets
Sortable List of Potions to Stone Cask
Stone Club to Sword of Wrale
Sword of Wreale to Temple of Aether
Temple of Inner Light to The Path of Union
The Peaks of Myral to Town of Goitha (Border)
Town of Goitha (Courtyard) to Tyali (West)
Tyali Goilem to Varanus Shield
Varanus Spines to Weapon of Ardalo
Weapon of Arin to Willow Nymph
Willow Nymph (Champion) to Yellow Artifact Crystal
Yellow Bakab to