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Weebl + Bob want your pie

Joined: 16 Feb 2008
Name: Smunn02
Medals: Crystal Monthly Top 10
Guild: The Lords of Chaos
Allies: Borric, Burnsibub, Karoj, Filli, Naquadah, Ordeth, Quintas, Skerdog
Enemies: None


Dragon Prince of Melnibone , The Lords of Chaos


Noteable for joining The Lords of Chaos at level 4, and rising quickly through the ranks, overtaking his mentors and friends until coming to rest finally as the highest level player in the guild after 25 weeks.

Was appointed a guild mentor, then came the call to join the Council Of Elders in April '08, where he overhauled the guild's Mentor Scheme. This ran successfully for 8 weeks until the minimum level requirement of the guild was raised. The scheme became obsolete and was disbanded.

Stepped down from the Council Of Elders on 18th June '08 in protest amid disagreements over a number of guild policies.

After the guild restructured in December '09, took up 3rd place in the Guild underneath new founders Karoj and Skerdog.


Persistent power leveller

  • Hit level 100: 30th March '08
  • Hit level 200: 30th May '08
  • Hit level 300: 20th August '08
  • Hit level 400: 17th October '08
  • Hit level 500: 10th March '09
  • Hit level 600: December '09
  • Rising Star #1 - June 29th '08
  • Rising Star #7 July 29th '08
  • Rising Star #3 August 20th '08
  • First member of LoC to pass 100mil guild XP: September 26th '08 (After a 2 hour long, 43000 stamina hunt, jumping from level 361 to 378)


  • First member of LoC to pass 200mil guild XP: January 25th '08
  • First member of LoC to pass 300mil guild XP: 2009
  • First member of LoC to pass 400mil guild XP: 2009
  • First member of LoC to level 200
  • First member of LoC to level 250
  • First member of LoC to level 300
  • First member of LoC to level 400
  • First member of LoC to level 500
  • First member of LoC to level 600
  • Twice runaway winner of Lords Of Chaos week-long "Chaos event" levelling competitions.
  • Reached 3rd in monthly top 10 underneath Xoulou & Mistle
  • November 27th '08: You have just been awarded a Crystal Monthly Top 10 medal!

Currently mentoring Filli ~ Power leveller-in-training


27 yrs old, from England.

Huge fan of Luton Town F.C

Plays drums, bass guitar, rhythm guitar, piano/keyboards, violin, sings.

Likes: Anything retro 80's; history; classic rock [Def Leppard, Big Country], any comedy/documentary on TV

Dislikes: Reality TV

Most likely to be playing: Football Manager '09 / Wii Sports

Bored? Try playing FS via the internet channel on your Wii.