Smashing the Iron Fist

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780 Muisru Kingdom (Abandoned Tunnels) (2, 12) [none]



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You stumble upon a group of startle Dwarven warriors who spun and train their weapons upon you. 'What brings you to these caves? We've been sent to slay King Huistrel and prevent him from taking control of this area. I don't suppose you could help us defeat his bodyguard in this area? There are just too many for us to take out by ourselves.'

A grin edges its way across the Dwarven warrior's mouth. 'Excellent! Return here once you've managed to kill enough of his bodyguard.'

You arrive back at the group of Dwarven warriors. 'Did you manage to slay the Ironbreaker bodyguards?

'Excellent! Unfortunately many of our own warriors were slain while you were gone. I don't think we have the numbers to take on King Huistrel himself...'

The leader of the Dwarven warriors approaches you. 'Say, I don't suppose you'd be willing to help us take out King Huistrel?'

The Dwarven leader smiles. 'Oh excellent! You should find him in the temple area. Return here once you have manage to slay the king. We will remain here and attend to the wounded. Good luck killing Huistrel!'

You arrive back at the group of Dwarves. They are still tending to he warriors that were injured in their past battles against the locals. The leader of the Dwarves notices your approach. 'Ah, you have returned. Were you successful in slaying King Huistrel?'

'Excellent work, my friend. That should bring an end to the savage rule he has over these lands.' The warrior leader lets out a brief sigh. 'Alot of our comrades have fallen today. Their sacrifice however was not in vain. Our fallen allowed you to slay the King himself. We don't have much to offer you as reward except for this amulet, and of course our thanks!' The Dwarven leader hands you an elegant looking amulet. You gain 3,098,864 XP and 'Amulet of Mosreyl'.