Slug Servings

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802 Falzwort Labyrinth (Recess) (4, 6) [none]



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You encounter a group of explorers. They're sat huddled around a small fire. One of them notices your approach. 'Hey, have you seen anything around here to eat?! We've starving! Don't suppose you can help us find some food? We've tried to escape from this place, but we can't get past the beasts that inhabit the darkened corridors.'

The man quirks a brow as a smirk forms across his lips. 'Those slugs seem as if they could be tasty.' The man says, licking his lips. 'Would be perfect if you managed to kill some of them. We'll be able to collect the meat once you've killed enough of them. We've tried killing one ourselves, but they were just too powerful! Anyway, good luck!' the man says, with a hearty laugh.

You arrive back at the group of explorers. They look at you with wary eyes. You hear a distinctive growl coming from several of their stomachs. 'Did you kill enough for some of the meat? Hopefully you killed enough to feed my people!' the man asks desperately.

Without even answering they rush off to collect meat from the dead slug bodies and throw what they can into one of the stewing pots they have nearby. Finally one of them turns to you. 'Thank you for your help. Without it I fear we may have all perished. I'm afraid all I can offer you are these gauntlets we discovered upon entering this forsaken labyrinth. Thank you again for your help!' You gain 3,268,082 XP and 'Pailfe Gauntlets'.