Skin Weaver Heresy

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513 Teotal (Clearing) (8,14) [none]



  1. Obtain Brujo Gate Key
  2. Return to Start
  3. Go to Teotal (Brujo Nest) (3,4)
  4. Go to Teotal (Brujo Nest) (8,10)
  5. Kill 15 Teotal Brujo (Champion)s
  6. Return to Teotal (Brujo Nest) (8,10)


  • 1,103,157 XP

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In a small clearing of the Jungle a young Teocalli Priest greets you. He seems to be in some distress.

The Acolyte grabs at you like a drowning man, 'Some of our Hunters have met the Brujo, and they have used their shape shifting abilities to deceive them! They are telling them that they are Avatars of Teocalli and wearing the face of the Sacred Snake. These Warriors have disappeared. There is a Brujo Nest close by but I can't get in. I can't get past the gate. One of the Brujo must have the key, return to me when you have found it.'

The Acolyte waits for you in silent contemplation, \'Have you taken a Brujo Gate Key from one of those foul Teotal Brujo?

He takes the key from you, 'We must travel to the Brujo Nest and rescue the Village Hunters. There is no time to lose.'

The Acolyte looks very frightened, \'Please find the Hunters, I\'m sorry but I can\'t go on. I\'m a Priest not a Warrior.\'

'Bless you, I'm sure they will be around here somewhere. Please hurry.'

You search the Brujo Nest, fending off the Brujo, who attack on sight. Finally you find a large cage with three terrified Hunters. Before you can cut the rope that holds them the Brujo attack again.

You must kill the 15 Teotal Brujo (Champions) that are attacking you before you can free the Hunters.

The Hunters look out of the cage, their eyes wide in fear, \'Have you defeated the 15 Teotal Brujo (Champions)?\'

The rope falls from the door and the Hunters quickly get out of the cage. 'Thank you Warrior, those shape shifters told us that they were sent by Teocalli to give us secrets of the Divine that the Priests were not worthy of. Our pride blinded us to the truth, and nearly got us killed! We have learned our lesson, and can only hope that the Priests will forgive our foolishness.' You tell them that the Teocalli Acolyte was worried about them and that they will find him to the north west. They thank you again and quickly leave. You receive 1,103,157 Xp