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Silverwand Golden.jpg

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Category Points Name Image
Special 100 Animal Magnetism 24_sm.gif
Special 100 Empower 25_sm.gif
Special 100 Conserve 39_sm.gif
Special 125 Adept Learner 19_sm.gif
Special 100 Brewing Master 40_sm.gif
Special 125 Last Ditch 23_sm.gif
Special 100 Treasure Hunter 17_sm.gif
Special 105 Defiance 18_sm.gif
Defense 100 Aura of Protection 15_sm.gif
Defense 100 Force Shield 27_sm.gif
Offense 100 Shockwave 29_sm.gif
Offense 90 Ignite 30_sm.gif
Offense 125 Wither 32_sm.gif