Signs and Portents (Epic)

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3 Mountain Path (5, 10) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Cathedral of Ways (6, 9)
  3. Go to Cathedral Catacomb (3, 6)
  4. Return to Cathedral Catacomb (3, 6)


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You feel the earth beneath your feet tremble and the sky above turns dark, plunging the Mountain Path into shadow. You find a Monk struggling through the gloom and snow.

The Terrified Monk stops and points wide eyed at the sky, 'The Sun has been blotted from the Sky and the foundations of the world shake. Warrior, these are Signs that the Shadow Lord is on the rise. You must join the fight against Him, or all will be swept away into His empty hunger. 'Go the the Cathedral of Ways to the south (located at 8,16) and speak to Brother Richard. I shall continue on and try to find others to join the crusade against the coming tide of evil.'

You receive +500 Current Stamina.

You enter the Cathedral, the air is filled with dust and panic. A dark robed Monk stands in the midst of the turmoil.

You walk up to the dark robed Monk, he sees you and simply nods then holds up his hand.

You wait silently.

The Cathedral shudders and wails of fear erupt from the Monks around you. They run from column to column trying to gain comfort from the ancient stone. The Monk slowly turns and looks at the cowering monks all around you. He says in a loud voice, 'Call yourselves servants of the Light! We are the ones supposed to guide the people of the Realms. If they come here and see you grovelling in the dust what will they think of the Church?'

A few of the Monks stop and look at the dark figure before you. He continues with a commanding tone that brings even you to attention, 'We are of the Light. We are SERVANTS of the PEOPLE. Cowering in fear shames both you and our divine mission handed to us by the very gods themselves! You think the Gurgriss will be impressed with your sniveling? You want his tender discipline for failing Him and your duty to your holy calling?'

As his words sink in the Monks around you start you stand and brush the dust from their robes.

The Monk carries on, 'Remember your first Mystery taught to you on your first day as in initiate, "Through the Four we see the Light. But the Light is one whole." I do not ask you to understand that mystery, but just grasp the simple truth. Gurgriss is part of the Light for a reason. Now stand up and fight.' He then steps aside and point to you.

'Look now at this Warrior who simply stands ready to serve the Light. There has not even been a call and a Warrior has come to fight the tide of Shadow. Now stand and do your duty, as you have been instructed!' The Monks around you bow and turn as one and walk into the dust and noise. In only a few moments the wails of fear subside and an calmness falls on the Cathedral.'

The Monk in dark robes turns back to you, 'My name is Brother Richard, I thank you for coming. Please go to the East Transept, apparently a stairway has been revealed leading to a unknown catacomb below. Meet me in the Cathedral Catacomb.'

The Catacomb is cool and quiet, but the walls and floor are torn and ruined, as though a wild animal had been clawing at them to get out. At the Catacombs center is a massive sarcophagus, in front of which the pale spirit of a beautiful elf hovers. She looks about confused.

You find Brother Richard staring at her.

Not to sure what to do you stand silently by the darkly robed monk. He blinks as if trying to wake up from a dream. 'Good that you are here Warrior. This is very strange, there are no records of a Catacomb here. But then the roots of the Cathedral are enveloped in the mystery of forgotten history and time. The only thing we can say for sure is that this Cathedral has been built here on top of another prominent landmark. I would guess that it might be this Catacomb, or something it was connected to. But all reference to who or what the Spirit is, has been literary torn off the walls. The only surviving marking in the entire Catacomb is the Rune on which she stands.'

You look again at the breathtaking Spirit, and see the Rune carved deeply into the stone directly under where the shade floats.

He points at the Spirit, 'She will not speak. She just looks about as if in a state of confusion.' He breaks off suddenly and bites his lower lip. After a while he folds his arms in front of him and sighs heavily, 'I don't feel any evil or malice from this place or the ghost. But everyone else says that it is because the evil has been masked by the presence of the Cathedral. She seems to have forgotten who or what she is, so maybe her true nature is hidden from Her as much as from us.'

He turns to face you, 'I have studied extensively in all manner of magical and arcane runic devices and I do not recognize this one. But she protects the symbol even in death. So we can guess that it is so important to her that it must be something to do with her core essence as a Spirit. I want you to find out what the Rune is. If we know what the Rune is, that will help us figure out who she is and why she is here.'

Brother Richards gazes back the the Ghost, 'No, I feel no evil from her. But I'm told we can assume that Her appearance is an ill omen. Why don't you go talk to the Spirit. Maybe she will respond to you.' He then hands you a ring with Sun of Righteousness on it, 'Show her this Ring. The Sun has been a symbol of the Light since the dawn of time. It might get her attention. Come back to me when you have spoken to her.'

Talk to the Elven Spirit and show her the Ring of Righteousness.

You receive 1 x Ring of Righteousness</span>

Brother Richard waits for you to return, 'Did you show the Spirit the Ring of Rightousness?'

You give Brother Richard the Handful of Sand that you took from the Elven Spirit. He looks down at the smooth grains in his cupped hands, 'I saw you drop the Ring, don't worry about it. It was a long shot anyway. But this sand is interesting. It is from the Spirit?' You nod, embarrassed that is all you managed to achieve. But Brother Richard stares at the sand with open fascination.

He runs the sand through his fingers, 'It is smooth, but not white or yellow.' He smiles up at you, 'This sand is from the Elya Plains, it is not far from here. If the Spirit has sand from the Elya Plains, then you should search the Realm for the reason why. Quickly now, there is no time to waste.'

'Now take this Vespine Viper Recipe, it should help you in your quest. Well done Warrior, you should return to me when you have discovered some news. I'm sorry, but I must go and see what else has to be done. But at least we have found a lead to follow. Good luck to you Warrior, may Sahria bless your endeavor.'

You should explore the Elya Plains (North), the stairway can be found to the west of the Cathedral of Ways on the Mountain Path.

You receive 300 XP, 'Vespine Viper Amulet Recipe', 550 Current Stamina, +50 Max Stamina and +2 Stamina Gain per Hour.