Sick Village

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603 Elridge Plains (South) (3,5) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Create Elmizien Curse Cure
  3. Return to Start
  4. Goto Elridge Plains (South) (13,7)
    • Collect water
  5. Return to Start


  • 1,628,110 XP

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You arrive at a small village. One of the villagers approaches you. 'The people of my village have become ill. The elders of my village believe a curse has been cast upon my people. Could you help me heal the people in my village?'

"Help Them" 'Okay, I've been speaking to the healers in my village, and they believe a certain cure can be attained, but the components are difficult to come by. There are three plant extracts that is needed for the cure. I've been told the Great Horned Gouger feeds on the plants. The digestive acids of the animal converts the plants into a unique extract that is needed for the cure.' You gain 1 x Elmizien Curse Cure Recipe.

You arrive back at the village. The man who spoke to you earlier approaches you. 'Thank you for returning. The people of my village have become increasingly ill. Did you manage to find the components and create the cure?' "Give Cure" 'Thank you, I'll get this to my people straight away. How can I ever repay you?!' 'I wonder If you could help us once more.. Most of our water supply has been tained by the curse, and is undrinkable. Could you retrieve some water for us from the nearby lake. "Agree to help." Oh thank you! I would get some myself, but It's just far too dangerous to travel alone out there! I'm sure that you could easily look after yourself though. You should find the lake East of here.'

You arrive at the lake. (13,7) "Collect some water" You collect some of the water in a couple of water skins. You must now return the fresh water to the village.

You arrive back at the village with the full water skins. "Give Water" You hand over the water skins. The villager gratefully accepts the water. 'Thank you for your help, friend. The people of my village have almost fully been healed thanks to the cure you provided.' You gain 1,628,110 XP.