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Shays pic.jpg

Lady WarHawk and Council Member of Gauntlet


A mysterious woman, Shayera hails from an as yet unknown place of origin. Finding herself stranded in FallenSword, she utilized her survival training to integrate herself into Gauntlet in May 2007 and soon showed herself to be the supreme warrior.

A superior combination of observation and love of retaliation saw fit to earn her the name WarHawk, which she wears with pride. Those who know her respect her, those who do not should fear her ..

For despite her pleasant and sometimes unassuming personality, she is a fierce combatant. She has been known to strike with a sudden ferocity, surprising even to those closest to her, when her passions are aroused or her Guildmates are threatened.

Lord, who prevailest with resistless might, ever from war and strife keep me away, my battles fight..

I know not if I play the Pharisee, and if my brother after all be right..

But mine shall be the warrior’s plea to thee..

Strength for the fight.