Shattering the Mirror

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990 Mount Volmar (Corridor) (5, 9) Spell Path



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Mount Volmar (Corridor) (9, 8)
  3. Invent Flesh Specimen
  4. Return to Mount Volmar (Corridor) (9, 8)
  5. Return to Start
  6. Go to Mount Volmar (Lair) (3, 5)
  7. Obtain Book of Morbidstein from Spell Scarred Skeleton (Champion)
  8. Return to Mount Volmar (Lair) (3, 5)
  9. Invent Sacrifice of Bone
  10. Go to Mount Volmar (Lair) (9, 10)
  11. Kill 1 Dominated Necromancer (Elite)
  12. Return to Mount Volmar (Lair) (9, 10)


  • 10,868,125 XP

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Jamesina waves you over excitedly.

'Have you seen those Flesh Golems? They have been freshly made. So someone must be making them, which means that we are getting close! But I have not seen anyone else here but the Golems. So the necromancers must be hiding somewhere near. Go find where they are hiding.'

You search the Realm finding nothing but Golems just as Jamesina mentioned. You are about to give up and return to her when you see a man standing waiting for something. As you get nearer, he starts to get to his feet. He stares at you with large black eyes. 'I do not know you. Unless you bear a gift you must go.'

The man is pale and wearing nothing but rags. Smiling you dig into your backpack and offer him the Lancers Helmet. He takes the gift with astonishment. 'I accept the gift, you will want to meet the masters. But only the useful can go through the Ward.' He hands you a battered scroll, 'Come back after you have made the Flesh Specimen.'

You receive 1 x Flesh Specimen Recipe

The pale man shuffles on the spot, uncomfortable with your presence. 'Have you managed to get the Flesh Specimen yet?'

The wretched man takes it like a trophy, 'The Mirror Masters prize these Specimens as it checks the stability of their work. Since you have done this for them I think they would like to meet you. To the South West you will find their Lair Gate, the way will now be open to you.'

You should return to Jamesina and tell her you have found something interesting.

Jamesina paces impatiently, 'You found out where the Necromancers are hiding?'

The Seer frowns, 'You don't sound too confident about that.' You shrug and tell her that a Warded gate to the South West should lead to their Lair. Jamesina smiles back at you, 'Well, lets go see shall we. Lead on.'

The Seer looks around before waving you over.

She hushes you into silence, 'You were right. This is where the Necromancers are hiding. I have seen them talking to those flaming skeletons. I'm sure they gave them something. I need you to see what that is. Be quiet about it Hunter, I don't want to attract too much attention.'

Jamesina quickly walks up to you, 'Did you find the item the Necromancers gave to the Spell Scarred Skeleton's?'

She takes the book from you, 'Who is Morbidstein?' You shudder for a moment then tell her that he was a researcher into the mind, but that this led him into creating powerful undead monsters. Jamesina looks at you quizzically, 'You know a lot about him, how is that?' You smile and say, 'Oh, we met briefly, Morbidstein might have been mad, but he knew his stuff.' Jamesina opens the book and bites her lip. 'This is vile. It is a manual on how to build an efficient zombie from multiple parts.' She closes it, 'So they are trying to build a better Undead with the materials they have left over. We must stop them.'

You again hear a muffled shout from your backpack. Sighing, you take out the Wolf Skull. Virmalthron whispers, 'If you are wanting to destroy this nest of Necromancers, I think I might have an idea on how to do that. But I first need to make sure of something. Can you search the Realm for any large shining surface? I need to inspect it. I also need you to hand me to the Seer for a moment. I require her help again.'

She hesitates before taking the Wolf Skull from you, she then stares off into the distance and blinks. She sighs deeply and hands the Skull back to you. Then quickly writes out a Recipe and hands it to you. 'Virmalthorn is expecting the worst, so take this.'

You receive 1 x Sacrifice of Bone Recipe

Before you is a large golden ring with runes carved deeply into it. Within the ring is a still pool of liquid silver.

You are not too sure why Virmalthorn would want to help you, but you are grateful for it. You hold the Wolf Skull over the silver pool. Its still surface is a perfect mirror. You are surprised to feel heat through your fingers. Virmalthorn growls back at you, 'I see. This is just as I feared. These so called Necromancers are trafficking with the Dreadlord for his "power". Unfortunately all they will find is their will crushed and they will become mere puppets of the treacherous tyrant. Warrior - this mirror is used to open a gateway into the Shroud. With this they can get sand from the Nether Plain and use it in their twisted incantations. We must destroy this at once. When we do so everyone who has passed through the Mirror will also die. For their life force powers the spell within the mirror. Never trust the Dreadlord Warrior. You will always come off worse. Simply cast the Sacrifice of Bone onto the Mirror. With my death GorGulGol will shatter this disgusting device.'

A harsh laugh causes you to turn. Behind you is a Wizard dressed in long brown robes. He points at you, 'I sense a follower of the Death God. But I cannot tell if it is you or that item in your hands. But anyway, we do not bow to the old pagan God GorGulGol. We have a new path to Undeath, as GorGulGol always asks too high a price. I see that you intend to do us harm, this cannot be tolerated. You must die. But don't worry, we shall use your corpse to serve the Dreadlord. I guess you will prove to be powerful materials.'

With that, he lunges at you. You must kill the Dominated Necromancer (Elite) to live.

The Spell Mirror lays before you, you must kill the Dominated Necromancer (Elite) before you can destroy the Spell Mirror. You fought the deranged Wizard at the edge of the Mirror. His corpse floats on the silver surface. Holding the Sacrifice of Bone in front of you, you drop it into the silver pool. Fire bursts out of the runes cut into the edge of the Spell Mirror. You are blown off your feet. In the distance you hear the death cries of the other Necromancers. Apparently Virmalthorn was right about their life force being bound to the device. Just another way for the Dreadlord to control his followers.

You stare back at the collapsing device in front of you. You unexpectedly feel a pang of sadness at the death of Virmalthorn. He had done nothing but help you in your quest. The runed ring twists like a snake and the fire consumes it completely. The only thing left is the body of the defeated Necromancer before you.

You turn and being to walk sadly back to Jamesina.

A whispering laugh stops you in your tracks...

Turning you are astonished to see the body of the Necromancer begin to move. With weapon in hand you advance on the rising Wizard. Then freeze at the sight of the Wolf Skull staring up at you. Virmalthorn stands up uncertainly and stretches his new skeletal hands.


'I live AGAIN!'

Jamesina signs behind you, 'I heard a huge explosion and wondered if anything bad had happened.' Virmalthorn strides up to her, 'I, Lord Virmalthorn, High Priest of GorGulGol, have returned to the plain of the living, new and reborn. This is cause to celebrate!' She stares at you coldly, 'Oh goodie. A newly resurrected skeletal Priest of the Death God, how could that be bad?'

You receive 10,868,125 Xp