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Joined: 20/Jun/2007
Name: Shaine08
Guild: The Fallen Elite
Guild Title: Beggar, Lol
Allies: Too many to list
Enemies: None
Medals: 5_1.gif
Auction House: I don't sell much stuff over AH.
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About Me

Real name: Shaine

D.O.B.: 07-16-92

The Country I live in: United States of America

The State I live in: California

My FS Character

Current level: 204

Biggest Hit:

              Shaine08 hits Bloodhorn for 7604 damage. (Critical Hit)

Why am I such a low level for my starting date? Because I got grounded for a couple months.... and I took a couple month break from the game also.

SE Medal:

Progress to lvl 205:

My Guild

Warrior Kings
Leader(s): Budro, mls1953, Colvitron
Founder: Baoh
Allies: IDK

Date Joined Guild: April 27, 2008