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56 Plague Mists (West) (7,9) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Plague Mists (West) (7,3)
  3. Go to Plague Mists (West) (12,10)
  4. Go to Plague Mists (West) (8,16)
  5. Return to Start


  • 31,604 XP

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You enter the Western Realm of the Plague Mists to see a flurry of activity. You see men holding nets and long knives looking terrified. None of them speak to you, obviously too nervous. Eventually you find an old man standing quietly in the center of the Realm.

He looks up at you with empty eyes, you have seen that look before in those who have given up on life. 'Oh, another Warrior. I'm sorry but we have no money to pay, or mighty weapons to convince you to help us. Please just leave, so we may die in peace.'

You look around at the men trying to steel themselves to some assault. You ask what is going on. The old man looks down at his feet, 'We are under attack from Grofflesnouts. However, these are oddly armored, as if made for our destruction. We are simple fishermen, we know how to fish, not to fight! We asked for assistance, but none came.'

You ask when this started, the old man smiles grimly. 'It was not long ago, a Female Mage wanted shelter from the night. She stayed at our pub then left. A few days later these things appeared as if trying to wipe us out. All I know is that we must fight to survive. But we are not doing very well, and can't afford to hire a Mercenary. I have an idea, but no way to implement it. It's a shame I'm so feeble now.'

The tidings of a Female Mage haunt you. You get a sudden sinking feeling in your stomach. You ask what the idea was. The old man laughs bitterly, then hands you a Recipe of Groffle Warning. 'I am assuming that these are beasts, we do not need to kill them all just convince them not to come. I think setting up warnings along the forest edge will frighten them off.' He sighs to himself. You mention that you could do with a rest. You offer to set up the Warnings for a warm bed and a meal in the pub he mentioned. The old man laughs, 'Of course, risk your life for a meal and a pint. We have three Poles set up for the Warnings already. All we need is the Warnings.' You smile, you have work to do...

You receive 1 x Recipe of Groffle Warning, in your wanderings you saw a Marker Pole to the north of your position. As good a place to start as any.

On the northern edge of the realm you find a heavy pole sunk onto the forest earth. All it needs is for the Groffle warning to be hung on it.

You jam the head of your grisly craftsmanship onto the Pole. You should now do the same for the Eastern Warning.

You find the second marker after a brief struggle with the wandering Grofflesnouts. All you need to do is set another warning.

You set the Groffle warning, just one left.It should be south of here.'

The final marker stands before you in the gloom of the forest. It just needs a Groffle Warning to complete it.

All the warnings are now set, you should tell the Village Elder you have succeeded.

The Village Elder waits in the hazy forest light. 'Hello again. Come to watch us slaughtered? If only someone could set up the Warnings, I'm sure that would frighten off those hideous beasts.'

The Elder looks at you and laughs, 'You set the warnings up, for a meal and a nights rest? Don't be ridiculous! A Warrior only fights for money or power. We have nothing like that to offer.' You see the disappointment of ages crushing the Old man. He seems resigned to watching his friends and loved ones destroyed in front of him. You smile at him and say, 'I have been traveling across the realms for a while. I have beaten many dangers while doing so. But a safe place to rest and a warm meal among those who mean me no harm? It sounds mighty sweet to me. I have set the three Warnings as you wanted. We just need to see if it works.' As you stop speaking some men come hobbling up to you, 'I'm sorry Ethan, but our knives did not harm them and their strength just rips through our nets. But someone set the warnings up, the other Grofflesnouts seem to be fearful of moving past them. I think you were right, they are afraid of something stronger than them. We should be safe for a while at least.' The Elder turns to you, hope blazes in his eyes. 'Thank you Warrior, come lets all go back to Misthaven and celebrate this victory.' You should meet the Village Elder in Misthaven, the small fishing village is found on the Coast.

You receive 31,604 Xp