Scout Tower

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Name: Scout Tower
Icon: 27.gif
Description: Allows you to view the current kills by your guild on any active Titans. Level 2 allows you to track and view individual contributions by each guild member. Level 3 preserves a record of the kills done after a Titan is defeated.
Min. Guild Level: 1
Build Cost: 1,000,000 0.png
Max. Level: 3

Upkeep Per Level

Level Upkeep
Lv. 1 2,500 0.png
Lv. 2 12,500 0.png
Lv. 3 15,000 0.png

Cost to Upgrade

Level Upgrade Cost
Lv. 1 > 2 2,500,000 0.png
Lv. 2 > 3 xxx 0.png