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509 Ralthien (Merchant Precinct) (11,8) [none]



  1. Obtain Tolkrill Attack Note
  2. Return to Start
  3. Go to Lorvol Manor (2,2)
    • Slay Roldorff and leave note.
  4. Return to Start


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As you wander the wide plazas of Merchant Precinct you are irritated by a wealthy Merchant addressing you like a servant.

The merchant is taken aback by your haughty manner, 'Well, err yes actually you are an Outsider. This might prove advantageous for me, it's hard to know who I can trust. I have a problem with an alliance that I have made to a younger Family. Unfortunately I may have underestimated the ambition of the Lorvol. I think they have hired a host of House Guards to wipe out my Family. But I don't have proof so I can't accuse them I open Court. Can you “Question” some of the House Guard as see if they have any order on them to attack the Tolkrill.'

The Wealthy Merchant waits for you impatiently, \'Have you found any prof that the Lorvol are to attack the Tolkrill?\'

He takes the Attack Note with an air of sadness, 'The Lorvol don't seem to understand the importance of how things are done. Haste will only lead to destruction of all that we hold dear. I have a favour to ask you, Go to the Manor of the Lorvol and slay Roldorff the second son, leave the Attack Note on the body. I shall of course reimburse you for you efforts.'

The Lorvol Manor is truly sumptuous. Though when viewed with a critical eye, it seems a little too luxurious as if the owners are trying to hard. Before you is a young Elf. You ask him politely if he is Roldorff, \'Yes of course I am you fool. This is Lorvol Monor after all. Why would I be anywhere!\' He then giggles in you face.

Roldorff falls before you with ease that even surprises you. You are instructed to “Leave” the note on the body. You smile as you stuff it into the pompous fools mouth. You had better leave the Manor as soon as possible and return to the Wealthy Merchant.

The Wealthy Merchant is conversing pleasantly with someone when you return. When he sees you he politely bids them goodbye and walks over to you with an air of an old friend, \'\'Good to see you again, have you dealt with Roldorff?\'

The Wealthy Merchant sighs deeply, 'One must have respect for one's allies, or it will go badly for you. The message you sent will be well heard, I am sure the Lorvol will be more agreeable in future. I am in your debt, take this as a token of my appreciation. Till we meet again.' You receive 1,318,719 Xp + Tolkrill Gloves