Repair and Rebuild

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483 Castle Morbidstein (Inner Gate) (14,10) [none]



  1. Obtain Deaths Essence
  2. Return to Start
  3. Obtain Visage Peepers
  4. Return to Start


  • 838,103 XP

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The Inner Gate is wreathed in the screams of the dead. Ghostly skulls yell at you down the long corridors. You cannot imagine what pain can cause such misery. You are puzzled to hear an irritated muttering. You investigate the murmurer to find a man dressed in medical cloths with his hands in a man\'s chest.

The Assistant does not look up, 'Of course you can. I need to stop it.... It's just sloppy workmanship that causes this, there is no need for it I say. Go get me some Deaths Essence from those silly Visages. It will also help keep the noise down.'

The Assistant now has body parts in his hands and seems to be stitching them together. You have never seen anyone do first aid like this! \'Have you got that Deaths Essence?\'

He takes it, looking at you for the first time. 'Oh – you seem to be very lucid. You're here to learn the art?' A chill crawls down you spine as you realize that this isn't medical help for the living but rather rebuilding the dead! In a flash of inspiration you nod quickly, not wishing to make the situation worse. 'Good, we keep losing students when The Doctor loses his temper with them and starts his Advanced Experiments on them. Now you see here, this Hammer needs a new pair of Eyes. Those stupid Visages have them – that's the reason we keep them around so we can harvest parts. So go get a pair of Visage Peepers to rebuild his face.'

The Fallen Hammer now has his chest sewn up. But his eye sockets are now empty. \'Have you got those Visage Peepers?\'

The Assistant takes the body parts, 'Good, that was quick. Now listen up. The Death Essence stops the flesh from rotting. There's no use in working on a good Zombie and not preserving the body. Also cuts down on the smell. I'll show you how to attach the eyes later, I've got to tell the Doctor about this ridiculous maintenance job. The Essence was so badly applied that the major organs had started to come apart and the eyes had clean rotted out! I assume that one of the Students will now be Experimented on for this failure. Good work - you'll do fine I'm sure.' You receive 838,103 Xp