Recovering the Lost

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619 Necral Fields (South) (10,13) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Necral Fields (South) (15,2)
  3. Kill 30 Soul Keepers
  4. Go to Necral Fields (South) (7,3)
  5. Go to Necral Fields (South) (2,7)
  6. Go to Necral Fields (South) (7,10)
  7. Go to Necral Fields (South) (2,7)
  8. Return to Start


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You encounter a small group of human soldiers wandering through the area. 'We were on a routine patrol when we were ambushed by the Soul Keepers in this area. We subsequently got split up, and now we've lost contact with many of our other soldiers in this area.'

'We would be eternally grateful if you could assist us in locating our lost soldiers. They're around here somewhere.'

You stumble across one of the lost soldiers. He spots you and switches to a defensive stance. 'Halt and identify yourself!'

You explain to the soldier that you are here to help him return to the rest of his group. 'Oh yeah? Hmm.. Alright, lead the way.' You need to locate two of the other lost solders before returning to the main group.

You encounter one of the lost soldiers. He appears to be under attack by a group of Soul Keepers that reside in this area. You must help fend off the Soul Keepers.

You successfully fend off the Soul Keepers. 'Thank you for helping kill off those damn Soul Keepers. They've been pursuing me ever since my squad entered this area. Say, have you seen the rest of my squad? I lost them a while back after we were ambushed by a large group of those Undead monsters.' You've successfully found another of the soldiers. You must now find the other lost soldier in this area.

You encounter the last of the lost soldiers who got split up from the rest of his squad. He seems to have been wounded after an attack from one of the Soul Keepers.

'Please, help me. I was infected by one of those blasted Soul Keepers. There is a specific plant in this area that heals the infection. Please locate the plant and bring it here!' The soldier says.

You stumble across a colorful looking plant. It's contrasting color looks promising.

Taking a handful of the plant's leaves, you must now return to the injured solder.

You arrive back at the wounded soldier. He looks up to you expectantly.

You hand over the leaves from the plant you recovered. The soldier takes the leaves and begins applying them to the wound. Within seconds the bruising is evidently reduced, the soldier already feeling considerably better. You will need to escort this soldier back to the rest of his squad.

You arrive back at the rest of the soldier's squad. It appears they've set up camp here for now, awaiting your return. The Captain of the squad approaches you.
The solders you recovered are tended to by the rest of their squad. 'Thanks for locating the rest of my squad. Here, take this. We recovered it from one of the Undead filth in this area. Thanks again for your help, friend. You gain 1,606,678 XP and Jelika Pendant.