Recovering the Artifact

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575 Floating Islands of Wu Kong (East Island) (13,2) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Floating Islands of Wu Kong (East Island) (2,15)
  3. Return to Start



  • Although the quest says that you gain the old artifact, there does not seem to be an actual quest item.

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You encounter a man garbed in a white tunic.

The man turns to you, slightly startled. 'Please, don't creep up on people. I am Caeldian, a professor from the city nearby. It has been my life's work to uncover the secrets of a lost tribe that used to exist here hundreds of years ago. Me and my team have been working to discover a certain series of priceless artifacts...'

Caeldian looks upon you, curiosity filling his eyes. 'I wonder, could you help me uncover the artifacts too? I assure you that you will be handsomely rewarded. Would you be interested in helping me?'

The professor looks ecstatic. 'Excellent! Our research indicates that the artifacts are somewhere buried in this realm. Good luck with your search!'

You discover a small dais half buried beneath the sand.

You dig at the sand for several hours before unearthing several stone artifacts. The surface of each stone is decorated with strange archaic symbols. You must take these artifacts to the professor.

You gain 1 x Old Artifact

I see you have arrived back, and safely might I add. I have lost two members of my team to the local beasts. I don't suppose you managed to find the artifacts by chance?'

'Oh excellent! You've saved us a bunch of time, and bodyguards. As I promised earlier, take this item as a reward for uncovering the ancient artifact.'You gain Kelamia Amulet and 1,089,166 XP