Raider Thievery

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609 Desert of Brigands (East) (8, 3) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Kill 20 Brigand Archers
  3. Return to Start


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You encounter a group of desert raiders hassling a lone traveler. The Brigand Leader turns to you as you approach. 'Ah, another one traveling alone eh? Gimme yer valuables, or we'll gut ye.' 'Ah, so yer not willing to pay up 'eh? So be it...' The leader motions the other raiders to attack you.

The desert raiders advance on you, weapons drawn and at the ready. The raider leader watches as the last of his comrades is slain. 'What! You do not want to make an enemy of us, stranger. I assure you, we will meet again. And you will be dead. With that, the raider leader turns and flees on horseback.

You decide not to pursue. The former-captive of the raider stands and turns to you. 'Thank you for your help, stranger. They would have stolen everything I own If you had not intervened. Here, take this as a token of my thanks for your help.'.

You receive "Bandit Raiders Gauntlets" and 1,332,981 XP