Pilgrims Journey

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553 Gao Tain Lake (Edge) (2,8) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Gao Tain Lake (Edge) (13,6)
  3. Obtain Signet Ring
  4. Return to Gao Tain Lake (Edge) (13,6)
  5. Return to Start


  • 1,098,923 XP

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On a lonely path you find a Pilgrim wandering aimlessly.

The Pilgrim jumps at your voice as if she were in a dream, 'I'm sorry, but I've lost my brother. A few days ago we were attacked by men in the night, after which my Brother fell ill and has been struggling with a fever. He was very ill last night but I just couldn't stay awake. When I awoke my brother was gone. Now I can't find him, can you please help me?'

You search the Edge for the Pilgrim's Brother, just as you were about to give up you hear a rattling sigh from the Woods edge.

You find the Brother in the grip of a deep fever. He seems to be dipping in and out of a delirium. As you give him some water he fixes his eyes on you, 'You must leave me, I have been bitten by the Jiang Shi, the curse is coursing through my body as I speak. It only effects those who have a dark Karma. I am proud that my Sister is unaffected by the curse. I am not so lucky. I have left my Sister for her own safety I know if I wake I might do something terrible. Please find my Signet Ring and tell her I have died. She will then carry on in her Pilgrimage none the wiser. Return here if you find the Signet Ring, there is a ruby that has fallen out of it that must be replaced.'

After your hunt for the Jiang Shi that attacked the fever ridden Brother you return to him, only to find a Monk tending him. The Brother is taking long deep ragged breaths as you bend down to him, the Monk quickly reaches out his hand, 'He would not leave without the Signet Ring, do you have it?'

You give him the Ring and he quickly shows it to the dying man, who then fixes the Ruby into place. The Brother only nods in his fever. 'This man is suffering form a spiritual sickness, but has acted out of selflessness in regard to his Sister, this will go well for him. I must take him to the Grove where he can seek forgiveness for his past actions. Only then will he break this curse that is upon him. I was on my way to the Grove for a different reason, but please take this Ruby Signet Ring to his Sister, and tell her to meet us there.' You receive 1 x Ruby Signet Ring

You return to the Wandering Pilgrim, 'Did you find my brother?'

You describe finding her Bother and the Monk. When she takes the ring from you, she starts weep uncontrollably. 'My Brother has a bad past, but he is seeking to escape it. This pilgrimage was the first step along that path. Thank you for your kindness. I must go and meet my Brother quickly.' You receive 1,098,923 Xp