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6 Elya Canyon (Mouth) (9,7) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Kill 150 Elya Canyon Crawlers
  3. Return to Start


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In the shade of the Canyon you find a Trader drinking water in huge gulps.

He looks you up and down, 'You look like a Warrior. I might have a job for you. My brother has set up a stall on that Mountain Path and it racking it in. So I decided to take a look around to try to find another commercial opportunity. Well I think I found it right here. I'm thinking of setting up a Trading station at the start of the Canyon. Loads of customers will use this as a path I'm thinking, that'll teach my Brother a thing or two! But I need those Spiders thinned out first. If you would go kill 150 Elya Canyon Crawlers I'd make it worth your while.

The Trader sits relaxing in the shade, 'Have you killed 150 Canyon Crawlers yet?'

He smiles broadly at you, 'That's fabulous, here take this Spider Weave Armor Recipe as reward for your hard work. I got it form a local tribe but I don't fancy messing with those things if I can help it. Right I got a Trading Station to build, good luck my friend'

You receive 190 Xp + 1 x Spider Weave Armor Recipe