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A mutiny can be used by any non-founder guild member to initiate a vote against the guild founder for control of the guild. This is useful if your guild founder has become inactive and you do not wish your guild to suffer.

Members cannot be kicked while a mutiny is in progress and a player can only start 1 mutiny every 7 days, regardless of success or failure.


The requirements which must be met to initiate a mutiny are:

  • The guild founder must have been inactive for at least 30 days.

Mutiny will be cancelled should the founder return part way through a mutiny.

  • 80% of the guild members must agree with the mutiny.

The person initiating the mutiny will automatically count as a vote for yes.

Succesfull mutiny

If the mutiny is successful, you will become the new founder and the previous founder will become an unranked member of the guild (but will not be kicked from the guild). Also the initiator will be protected from being kicked from the guild during the voting period (24 hours) of the mutiny.