Monkey Business

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230 Ankura (North) (5,12) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Kill 77 Hamurin Monkeys
  3. Return to Start
  4. Kill 23 Hamurin Monkeys
  5. Return to Start


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You discover what appears to be a tomb of some sort, however the area is swarming with Hamurin Monkeys. Will you fight your way to the entrance?

You start to kill the Monkeys, however more rush out of the tomb to engage you. You will need to slay all 77 of them.

You make your way deep into the tomb, you see something glimmer in the Darkness, will you pick it up?

You start to make your way out of the tomb, however more Monkeys seem to have returned from fetching bananas and food for their tribe. They see you emerging from the tomb and attack with fury. You will need to kill the remaining 23 Monkeys.

You slay the last of the Monkeys, will you examine what you found in the tomb?

The item appears to be part of a long lost set, a rare find indeed. You gain 1 x Gloves of Lost Power & 221,215 xp.