Missing Guard

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481 Castle Morbidstein (Main Gate) (14,14) [none]



  1. Go to Castle Morbidstein (Main Gate) (9,8)
  2. Return to Start
  3. Kill 40 Giant Slugs
  4. Return to Start


  • 900,434 XP

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The Walls of a dark gloomy castle loom over you. The gates lay open with a strange looking Guard.

The Guard has an odd mottled look to his skin. You would say he was almost Undead but his eyes swivel and look directly at you. The Undead simply sense your life and attack. 'You speak to Molk – Molk has been told to kill all who attack Morbidstein, are you attacking the Castle?' You smile at the obvious simpleton, who seems mis-read the gesture. 'Molk sees that you are not attacking and are friends with Molk. But before I can let you in Molk needs to get the keys to lock the Gates shut. But Lom has not come back from his tea break. Can you see what is keeping Lom?'

Castle Morbidstein was once a place of grandeur, but now the building is damp and rotting through neglect. The Castle also has a huge vermin infestation. Giant Slugs crawl around looking for food. You assume they feast on each other if they can\'t find other prey. At this thought you come across a corpse of an odd looking man. He is wearing the same scruffy cloths as Molk.

The body is covered in slime. But this must be Lom, the lost friend of Molk. Obviously the Giant Slugs got too hungry. As you search the body you are struck by a huge scar across the forehead of Lom. Clutched in Lom's dead hand you find the Morbidstein Gate Key. Molk will want this, as well as the sad news of Loms death. You take 1 x Morbidstein Gate Key

You return to Molk, he stands by the open gate looking out at the deserted road. \'Did you find out where Loms got to?\'

You hand over the large key in silence, 'Lom would never let this key go. He was ordered to keep it safe. You killed him for it?' Despite yourself, you are shocked at the matter-of-fact tone of Molk. On some level he seems to sense you discomfort pockets the key. 'Well if you didn't kill him who did?' You describe the slime covering Loms body and Molk sags under the news. 'Lom always hated the Giant Slugs – he said we should get rid of them. We should. Can you kill me 40 Giant Slugs to avenge him.'

Molk stands by the Main Gate staring sadly at the Morbidstein Gate Key. \'Have you got rid of 40 Giant Slugs?\'

For the First time you see Molk smile. 'You have been very nice to Molk, I shall open the gates the to Outer Yard for you - if you want.' You receive 900,434 Xp