Magical Magma

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377 Broken Lands (East) (13,8) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Kill 50 Sepharom Weavers
  3. Return to start location


  • 595,360 XP

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You are surprised to find a large purple tent up ahead of you. Surely nobody wound be crazy enough to try and establish a settlement in this lava-scarred landscape? You hear the faint sound of some kind of chanting emanating from the square entrance of the tent.

Inside, you find a group of people sitting in a circle, holding hands in a deep meditation. The eldest of the group opens his eyes and stares at you inquisitively. 'Was it you?' He says ...With no idea what the man is talking about you fail to answer him. He continues: 'No, it couldn't have been you... no, not at all! You don't have any sort of magical aura about you! Sorry, you must think me a madman. Let me explain. Once every decade I take the young ones from my sect here in order for them to gain mana in a coming of age ritual. These lands are endowed with mystical forces which come from the core of the earthsphere. I thought you must have cast an incantation to stop us from harvesting our mana, because we can't seem to gain any; no matter how hard we try! I'm betting that there are too many Sepharom Weavers draining the land of it's power and thats why we can't find any mana. Can you please remove these creatures so we can continue our ritual?'

Passing by the tent belonging to the sect you remember the task set by their leader. Maybe you should check to see how the ritual is going?

Upon entering the tent you are dazzled by an eerie pulsating orange light. The young mages inside are now standing up with open eyelids and glowing pupils. You realize that the ritual is most definitely working. You decide to leave before you are overcome by the ancient mystical forces at work inside the tent. You gain 595,360 xp.