Lost in the Woods

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455 Dark Mist Forest (Hill) (17,7) [none]



  1. Obtain Driving Whip from Enraged Grizzle Bear
  2. Return to Start


  • 681,683 XP

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The forest path arcs through the trees. It suddenly opens up into a large clearing. Near the center is a caravan turned on it\'s side. A panicked man hails you.

A man is dressed in recently torn trail leathers runs up to you. 'I'm the Second for this caravan traveling through Dark Mist Forest. We've made this trip dozens of times and those Grizzle Bears have never before attacked us. We were so large, we thought they only go for small prey. But today they came in a big bunch and ran us off course into this clearing where we couldn't move. They took Micky first, then the Master. I need to get the Caravan moving as fast as possible, but the Horses will not move without the Driving Whip the Master had. Can you find it, it must be on one of those beasts that attacked.'

The Caravan is on it\'s wheels when you return. The Second hails you, \'Have you found the Driving Whip from those beasts?\'

The Second takes the whip from you, 'I suppose I'm Caravan Leader now. Not how I wanted to take over the job mind. Thank you for this, you've done me a great favor. I couldn't get the Caravan ready and retrieve the whip myself, best get started whilst those bears are fed.' You receive 681,683 Xp