Lost Token

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55 Plague Mists (North) (2,2) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Return to Start
  3. Go to Plague Mists (South) (8,8)
  4. Return to Plague Mists (South) (8,8)


  • 17,822 XP
  • 500 0.png

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In a quiet corner of the Plague Mists you are greeted by a woman wrapped in a battered traveling cloak. You approach her cautiously. She coughs quietly, you can see her eyes are scarlet from tears. 'I'm sorry to bother you, but I'm just too tired to carry on. I know I have no right to ask, but will you help me?

Hope flashes across her face, 'Thank you Warrior. You are very kind. My name is Thalmar, I was attacked by that brutish Grofflesnout. I barely got away with my life. It is far more dangerous than it looks. I only managed to get away by distracting it.

In a panic I threw away the only bright things on me. One was a bright blue ring, very pretty but that not important. It was the pendant that has been in my family for generations that I must have back. The ring was made to order to match the Pendant. I know I should be grateful for being alive, but how can I return to my family without the Pendant? Can you please retrieve my Pendant from the horrible creature?

Thalmar stands watching for you, 'Have you retrieved my Pendant?'

Oddly she does not take it from you, but opens a leather pouch. You drop it in. 'Thank you, I don't want to risk loosing it again. I see that you are a powerful Warrior. Might I bother you for just one more task? I am sorry I'm not normally this useless. I'm just so exhausted from my flight from the Grofflesnout.' In a sudden chill breeze you Thalmar's travel cloak is parted. You see in her freezing hands a runed Mage Staff.

Thalmar looks to the bleak sky for moment, 'I just need a little time to regain my strength, would you accompany me to the Plague Mists South? I have business there.' You see that she is plainly drained. For all their powers - you know that Mages need to regain them after use. Rest is the usual method. But whilst they are resting Mages, are typically vulnerable to attack. You nod and are rewarded to see Thalmar's grateful smile.

'Excellent, please lead the way to the Plague Mists South.'

Thalmar walks with you, her breathing is labored. When she gets to the center of the realm she crumples to the floor.

The Mage nods silently, 'My order has tasked me to construct an item for them. I just need to sleep.' You see she clearly cannot continue, you ask if there is anything you can help her with. She looks up at you, 'You have done so much for me already, but I do need to rest. I must construct the Deepwater Sphere. Then I can return to my Order. I would be very grateful if you helped me build it. Here this is the recipe.'

You receive 1 x Recipe of the Deepwater Sphere

Thalmar waits for you, clutching her staff. 'Nice to see you again, did you make the Deepwater Sphere?'

She takes the Sphere, you notice that she is now wearing long silk gloves. At her touch the blue smoke of the Sphere boils within. Her avarice filled eyes lock onto you, 'Thank you Warrior, you have been most useful. Please take this 500 gold as a token of my gratitude.'

Thalmar turns from you and walks way. You look at the Gold, an odd feeling you have been duped. You just can't think why...

You receive 17,822 Xp + 500 Gold