Looking for the Innocent

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599 Ryken Mountain (Mouth) (10,10) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Kill 20 Skeletal Wazon Warriors
  3. Reach Lvl 600
  4. Go to Ryken Mountain (Summit) (6,8)
  5. Kill 20 Ryken Cave Bear
  6. Return to Ryken Mountain (Summit) (6,8)
  7. Kill Jia The Cave Hag (Elite) in Ryken Mountain (Shelf)
  8. Return to Ryken Mountain (Summit) (6,8)


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As you wander through the small village, you see a small crowd gathering.

As you get closer to the crowd you start to hear shrieks and cries concerning missing people.

You move to the front of the crowd. There you see a group of concerned parents pleading with an aging Warrior.

The Warrior looks at you. 'You are up for helpin' an Old Man try to save these people's youngsters? Then come with me. We'll have to fight Skeletal Wazon Warriors to get to the Mountain Summit. Lets go!'

You fight through the Skeletal Wazon Warriors with the Aging Warrior.

'Over the years, young people have been disappearing. There are rumors that there is a creature who attacks young people. The villagers were asking me to investigate but I am too old to fight through these creatures myself. Now. We gotta get through the Bears that inhabit this level of the Mountain.'

You fight your way through the Bears that inhabit the area but the Aging Warrior takes a bad wound in the process.

I won't be of much use to you from here out. Go to the Ryken Mountain (Shelf) to confront the creature and meet me here.

With the destruction of the Hag completed, you return to the Aging Adventurer. 'Is the Beast dead?'

'She? You mean that was human?' You tell him about the woman and the remains you saw of humans. 'By the Gods! You have done us a great service. Please accept this Breastplate as reward.' You receive 'Aging Adventurers Breastplate' and 1,725,122 XP.