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Dark High Dutchess of Dark Siege
Joined: 02/May/2008
Name: LadyNyah
Guild: Dark Siege
Guild Title: Dark High Dutchess
Allies: More than I have the room to mention!
Enemies: Those listed on my profile are actually friends. My real enemies aren't worthy of a place on my profile.
Medals: Bronze Loyalty; Bronze Adventurer
Auction House: My Current Auctions
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About Me

Nyah is a character in the Dungeons and Dragons universe that I played a few years back. Her full name is Niyenna Illuskar which translates loosely from J.R.R. Tolkien's Elvish Language to "Nine Lives". She is part bard, part rogue, part doxie, and amazingly lucky in her aptitude for all three callings. The Fallen Sword version of Nyah is a slightly more family friendly version of my whorish rogue.

Game History

On May 2nd of 2008, I was surfing the message board for Knighthood on Facebook. Their servers were down AGAIN(!) and I had just about had enough with waiting around for them to com back online. I stumbled upon an entry titled "This is why I haven't been on Knighthood." It was a link from a person I would soon know as Erish and she was advertising for a game called Fallen Sword. I clicked the link and joined up - and was hooked in a matter of hours.
That first day Erish helped me more than I could possibly imagine a person would be willing to do for a newbie. She also, then told me about her guild, Dark Siege. The next day I was introduced to Binarus and began my introduction and application process for the Dark Siege Academy. I was accepted into the DSA on May 7th, 2008. On May 18th I hit level 30 and was accepted in Dark Siege as a full-fledged member on May 19th, 2008.