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High Dark Counselor of Dark Siege
Joined: 11th April 2008
Name: Erish
Guild: Dark Siege
Guild Title: High Dark Counselor
Allies: Maxed out, with more unlisted
Enemies: Those in my profile are also my friends
Medals: Bronze: Recruiting, Adventurer. Silver: Loyalty
Auction House: My Current Auctions
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About Me

The name Erish is a shortened version of Erishkigal, the Summerian goddess of the underworld. She was the sister of Inanna, goddess of the heavens, which is another one of my default online nicks. Inanna was already taken, so Erish I am. And yes, I am definitely female.

I'm one of the many former Knighthood players who found their way over here, and am absolutely loving this game. So much so that I made myself give it up as part of a two week class exercise on abstaining from addictive substances and behaviors. Thankfully, I survived and am now back to continue playing hard, having fun, and making new friends as I go.

In real life, I'm a Brit who moved to Michigan about 4 years ago, having spent 9 years in a long distance relationship. My wife and I are blissfully happy, though I still need to figure out a way to stay in the country. I'm currently studying for my Masters in Counseling degree, and hope to work with PTSD and trauma survivors once I graduate.

Game History


I was brought here by Binarus and signed up on April 11th. Had I known about the monthly rankings, I might have waited for three weeks and joined on May 1st. He helped me zoom up to level 5 in about 48 hours, and I was brought in as a Dark Siege Academy student on April 12th. It's a wonderful place to learn about playing FS in a very short period of time, to get access to great resources and to meet some amazing people.

On May 17th, I reached level 30, and was accepted into Dark Siege. I may be biased, but I think it is probably the best guild out there, in terms of the friendliness of people in the guild, the help that's available, the wide range of resources and expertise that guild members are willing to share, and the sheer fun and silliness that can take place in guild chat. I wouldn't ever be anywhere else.

On May 31st, I became an instructor for the Dark Siege Academy. It's wonderful to have the chance to give back to the organization without which I wouldn't be where I am in the game today. Plus, anyone who knows me in RL will tell you that I'm a natural teacher, so I'm grateful for this chance to share my strengths with my guild.

On June 18th, I was officially appointed as the guild's Dark Adjutant. This basically makes me an assistant and helper to the guild leadership, taking more mundane and administrative duties off their hands, so that they can concentrate on strategy and leading Dark Siege on to ever greater heights. I'm responsibly for guild ranking, and also for keeping communication open between guild members and the leaders.

On July 28th, I handed over my Adjutant duties to Lady Nyah, and became High Dark Counselor; a leadership position that is focused on resolving personal disputes and issues within the guild or with a guild member's in-game life.

And on August 5th, I received my Silver Loyalty medal, even though I've been playing for far longer than 90 days. Forgetting to log out of the game when I close my browser for the night has worked against me in this regard!

First Legendary Event: 6th August 2008

First Group Legendary Kill: 16:39 06/Aug/2008 Dark Siege hits Cu Sith (Legendary) Dark Siege was victorious! The Guild's first kill of the event, and it was mine. Mwahahaha.

First Solo Legendary Kill: 17:25 06/Aug/2008 Erish hits Zachorzi the Plagued (Legendary) for 2110 damage. (Piercing Strike).

Legendary gear haul: Plague Armor (5), Plague Boots (2) Plague Gloves (1)

In Game

I enjoy RP, so do feel free to interact with me or message me if you happen to cross my path.

I'm the red head of the Dark Triumvirate of Sin, along with our blonde Levinia and brunette Lady Nyah. Our mission? To make out with each other in guild chat wherever possible, and drive most of the men of Dark Siege completely crazy with desire. We currently have Binarus as our Adjunct Conspirator and spungle as our groupie-in-training. Speak to any of us if you'd like to make a groupie application.

My in-game goals? To have fun, do as many quests as I can, hunt as much of my own gear as possible, and share what I've learned and the resources I have with newer players. I also love role play as can be gathered by the section on Ervin below. Oh yeah, and there's that leveling thing too.

My gorgeous avatar is also thanks to Binarus. I owe him big-time.


This is what I get from spending five levels in the Depths of Despair. Among the many Ice Wolves, Yetis and Elf Witches, I came across a little round penguin who'd somehow managed to find is way there. I couldn't just leave him (Ervin:And she needed someone to carry that backpack) so he came along with me. Unfortunately, it seems that all the time he spent in the Depths of Despair has given him a somewhat depressed and miserable outlook on life (Ervin:I don't know what you're talking about. Just because I see things as they really are...). See what I mean? Anyway, if you run into me in game or chat, you're likely to hear from Ervin too.

A Guide for Complete FS Beginners

After a flurry of recruitment threads on the Knighthood board on Facebook, I found I had more new recruits than I could easily mentor. And so I came up with this guide for brand new players, which covers as many of the basics as I could think of. Please feel free to use it and share the URL around.

Player vs. Player

I do not do PvP, but may occasionally take a bounty to get the rating I need for a quest. I will happily return gold + repair. This excludes guild-related de-levelings or guild conflicts.

All attacks on me - win or lose - will be bountied. Multiple attacks will incur the combined wrath of Dark Siege, which you really, really don't want to experience.