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971 Karthak (North Gate) (10, 2) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Karthak (North Gate Office) (2, 2)
  3. Go to Volmar Wastes (Karthak Wall) (2, 8)
  4. Obtain Karthak Gargoyle Figurine
  5. Go to Volmar Wastes (Karthak Wall) (8, 9)
  6. Return to Volmar Wastes (Karthak Wall) (2, 8)


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A Palace Guard meets your eyes, 'I am here to see that the Kings Order is obeyed. Can you please follow me into the North Gate Office, Hunter.'

The Guard turns on his heel and marches off to the North Gate Office.

You should follow the Palace Guard though the Gate Corridor and into the North Gate Office

You follow the Palace Guard into the Office. Another Palace Guard waits for you, 'You are the Exiled Hunter?'

The Guard Captain nods curtly, 'Good, you are on time. I was told that you could be trusted to obey the Order. I am glad that you didn't try and run for it.' The Captain hands you a scroll. 'That is a Karthak Royal Decree which details your sentence and reason for the Exile. You can see the Royal Seal which marks its authenticity.'

You receive 1 x Karthak Royal Decree.

He then shifts uncertainty from one foot to another, 'I have also received an request from Seastone Keep that you meet Sergeant Halford on the other side of the Karthak Wall.' He then oddly salutes you, 'Luck to you Hunter.

You walk through the great Runed Gates of Karthak. Before you is a plain of ash that stretches off into a heat haze. On the horizon you see a massive mountain range, Mount Volmar stands majestically against the gloomy sky.

Standing just outside the Karthak Gates you find a Seastone Martial Instructor. 'Good day to you, I'm Sargent Halford. Are you the Exiled Hunter from SK Acquisitions? If so, you should have that Royal Decree.'

He glances over it, 'Yes, don't worry - we shall smooth things over for you. Give it a few days and you will be fine. Commander Mustaine has been looking into your actions, and we have learned that you have been dealing with the Undead problem as well as a few Cut Purses. Also he is most pleased that you managed to demonstrate the need to focus more on the martial component of the Sentries training.' He hands back the Decree.

'But you must understand that the King had to act as some powerful figures got wind of your... exuberance. But we can't admit that Shades and Ghouls are walking Karthak. So you will have to just stay in Exile for the moment. But we can deal with the spooks now we know that they are there.'

The Sergeant smiles at you, 'Also, Sergeant Patton of the Legionnaires heard that you would be out here so he has a job for you. There have been some problems on the Wall. The Gargoyles are all riled up and Sergeant Patton has asked that you help put them back to sleep as we can't have them running about when there is nothing actually attacking the Wall. It must be that they sense the undead within Karthak and have woken up due to that. Your boss, Jamesina, said that you would be happy to help. You just need to place a Karthak Gargoyle Figurine at the Way Shrine and that will tell the Gargoyles its alright to go back to sleep.'

You receive 1 x Royal Decree

A small Way Shrine sits quietly in the ash.

The clay figurine sits in the small shrine. There is a sudden hush and the small figurine stretches, yawns at you, jumps into the air and flies away toward Karthak.

You should return to Sergeant Halford and tell him you have done as he has asked.

You return to find Sergeant Halford chatting to Jamesina.

She smiles broadly at you, 'I'm pleased to see you are well. Have you managed to do what the Sergeant has asked?' You nod. The Sergeant hands you a small pouch. 'Thanks for your help there Hunter. This is the coin that the Legionnaires are paid for doing that job.' He sighs, 'Well I had best get back. My duties are not over and I get the feeling it will be a long day for me.' You watch him walk up to the large Runed Gate and disappear through it.

Jamesina watches the gates close behind the Sergeant, 'Well, that stunt you pulled with the King saved our lives. Where did you get that knife?' You tell her is was a gift from a friend. She goes very quiet for a time. Then shows you her Royal Decree. 'You were not the only one exiled for your troubles. Klines and Sathkaan are all right. But I was with you when you wandered round Seastone Keep, so I was expelled as a trouble maker. I've just been told by Halford that they will sort it out, but that does not help us now.'

'I never did get a chance to speak to you about the Lighthouse, did you find the Evil within?' You had forgotten all about the Aspect of Lightning. You tell her that there was no Evil within the Lighthouse and you searched it fully. Her eyes go wide at your words, 'Are you sure, there was nothing of darkness hiding there?' You shake your head and say, 'There was no Evil present within the Karthak Lighthouse. Whoever told you there was is very mistaken.'

Jamesina clenches her jaw, 'Yes – I guessed as much. It is obvious that the North gate Sentries are trained there, and they are not touched by darkness. In fact they destroy it. I shall just tell the Patron our findings and he will just have to deal with the results. I'm not getting Exiled for nothing! But there is one good thing about all this. We have another Contract. And this time it is for the Magic Guild. They want us to check some Elemental Locks within Mount Volmar.' She points to the massive mountain before you. 'The Mountain is not hard to find. Come on Hunter, we have a job to do.'

You receive 5,651,222 Xp + 1 x Legionnaires Pay