Kidnap Victim

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1 Elya Plains North (5, 10) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Varas Dungeon (14, 9)
  3. Obtain Varas Cage Key from Succubus
  4. Return to Varas Dungeon (14, 9)
  5. Return to Start


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You arrive at a large building. There is obvious activity within the building. The sign reads: 'Elya Inn'. The Inn is a gathering place for all kinds of characters.

You enter the Elya Inn. There is loud cheering as a thick smoke permeates the air. You are approached by a frail looking man. He appears desperate. He approaches you... 'Somebody took my boy! Please, can you help me find him?!' (Click the 'Agree to help' button below if you wish to accept this quest.)

'Thank you! Somebody mentioned some Succubi may have captured him and taken him to the Varas Dungeon situated to the South East of here. You should look there first. Be careful though, those Dungeons can be dangerous!'

You arrive at a large iron cage. Somebody appears to be trapped within the cage. 'Please, help me!' A voice calls from within...

You look about the area for any creatures that may lay claim to you or the captive in the cage, but you see none. You attempt to open the cage but it's locked! The voice from within the cage calls. 'You need the key! The Succubi must have it. You should find them around here somewhere. Please, hurry before they return!' The voice says in obvious desperation.

You arrive back at the cage. The captive calls out. 'Hey, I thought you forgot about me! Did you manage to retrieve the key?!'

You use the key on the cage, and surely enough the door opens. A small boy emerges from the cage. 'Oh thank you! I thought I was succubus dinner for sure! I don't suppose you could help me find my way back to my father? He should be back at the Elya Inn. Let's get out of this place!' You must now lead the boy to the father back at the Elya Inn located North West of the dungeon entrance. The boy sticks close to you as you make your escape!

You arrive back at the Elya Inn. As normal the place appears lively from the outside. You hear cheering and laughing.

You enter the Inn and the frail old man who asked you to find his son instantly recognizes you. The boy appears from behind you and the man's eyes light up. 'Son!' He calls out as he rushes to embrace his son. He looks to you. 'Oh thank you! Thank you for finding my son! How ever can I repay you!? Here, take this as a token of my thanks.' The man hands you a valuable looking trinket.

You gain 28 XP, 15 Gold and Amulet of Elya.

Note: The 'Amulet of Elya' can be greatly improved by crafting it. You can craft items here.