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Joined: 25 Sep 2007
Name: Kendraam
Medals: Crystal Bounty Master, Crystal Loyalty
Guild: Warrior Kings
Allies: Araldite, PlzPlzme, kelrithian, Firewing22
Enemies: chanqua



Original Guild Founder of The Lords of Chaos.

27th Crystal Bounty Hunter (average 9.72)

Occupation: Bounty Hunter, Wealth re-distributer, PvP addict.

Alignment : Chaotic Neutral


Joined 25th September 2007 with a brief months retirement in February 2008. Money spent to date: $30 to buy a Deep set - one week later we had a Legendary Event and the prices crashed, thanks HCS!

Retired from full-time PvP on 14th December 2009 at level 183.

Retired from playing FS on 26th February 2010 at level 258.

May be back occasionally to level and conduct the odd heist!

Favourite kit, level 160.


Offering 20% of any gold liberated if supplied with a target carrying over 200,000 gold in my VL range.

I do not believe any player should lose 5 levels for a single gold hit, although I may participate in such hits if my guild requires me to do so. I will accept that I may lose levels as a result.

I have been a mercenary in the past and may do so in the future, I see nothing wrong in this, however my current guild are anti-merc thus I will not undertake any mercenary work whilst I am a member of Warrior Kings; if I have 100 stammed you it was for free!

Note: Anyone taking a 1-hit bounty on me will lose levels. Buyers and sellers of 1-hit bounties in my VL will receive 100 stams.

I do not return gold for any reason and if you 100 stam me for gold you won't get bountied.

Feel free to hit me for Prestige - I will hit you back though but I won't bounty.

PvP status


Bounty Hunting

If you are on the bounty board, i will take your bounty with 10 stam hits, i will not return gold, i will not send money for repairs. Feel free to bounty me however next time i'll be using Hardcore rules when i see you.


I will only place a bounty on anyone who uses more than 10 stam hits on me via bounties, any other attack i will just attack back.


I will 100 stam you if i find you with more than the price of an FSP in gold on you. I expect a bounty for my efforts.


Bounty Hunting

If you are on the bounty board, i will take your bounty with 50 stam hits, i will not return gold, i will not send money for repairs. Feel free to bounty me, in fact i insist.


If i'm online i will fight back during any bounty placed on me with Buffs and multiple kit changes. I want a good fight.


I will 100 stam you if i find you with more than the price of an FSP in gold on you. I expect a bounty for my efforts.

UltraHardcore (Experimental)


I will place bounties on anyone who attacks me, NO exceptions. I reserve the right to not place a bounty. This is NOT to reduce attacks on me but to en-liven the bounty board. I want to be hit, i also expect a counter-bounty for every attack i make. This may prove too costly in terms of FSP, tickets and gold but i'd like to have this as my default status.

PvP Rampage

I intend to PvP as many different players within my VL who appear either on my 'Attack player' list or in the 'View Online Players' list, if i hit you twice or more its because you had too much gold or i've lost track of who i've hit! How much stam i use depends on how much gold you are carrying.

Friends, Allies and anyone else with < 100,000 gold will receive a 10 stam tap. If you are not a friend or an ally and have over 100,000 gold you will receive a 50 stam hit, and if you have over 200,000 gold it'll be a 100 stam attack.

My own personal rules for this PvP is that i must have 100% Master Thief, which limits me somehwat, and i will only use my own buffs or those that friends cast on me without me asking.

If you want to bounty that's fine, i don't care. I'd far rather you tried to hit me back though, tit-for-tat as it were.


  • Players attacked - score 184-3 to me
  • Retaliatory bounties - 51
  • Retaliatory hits - score 8-7 to me
  • Gold stolen - 1,400,577
  • Master Thief- 8 times

Best bounty day was 14th April, i had 6 bounties put on me in an hour, i got buffed with every buff under the sun with the following results.

  • 11:35 14/Apr/2009 SiRSHiNE has placed a bounty on your head - cleared by nava666 at 14:38 - score 10-2
  • 11:52 14/Apr/2009 Darius72 has placed a bounty on your head - cleared by Ohmaster at 14:27- score 10-10
  • 11:55 14/Apr/2009 hermit has placed a bounty on your head - cleared by Kracks at 13:26 - score 10-5
  • 12:08 14/Apr/2009 Endoform has placed a bounty on your head - cleared by Chazz224 at 18:44 - score 10-3
  • 12:11 14/Apr/2009 BaronArto has placed a bounty on your head - cleared by Yeti69 at 16:20 - score 10-7
  • 12:34 14/Apr/2009 Higg27 has placed a bounty on your head - cleared by EddyD at 15:16 - score 10-0


The other 5 bounties that appeared throughout the day were as follows, giving me over 9 hours of bounty fun and an 11 page log!:

  • 15:46 14/Apr/2009 Roga has placed a bounty on your head - cleared by Chazz224 at 18:06 - score 10-1
  • 19:32 14/Apr/2009 knc has placed a bounty on your head - cleared by Azura17 at 19:59 - score 10-0
  • 20:08 14/Apr/2009 USlayMe has placed a bounty on your head - cleared by Chazz224 at 21:45 - score 10-4
  • 20:22 14/Apr/2009 Orocimaro has placed a bounty on your head - cleared by Azura17 at 20:44 - score 10-1
  • 21:11 14/Apr/2009 VonMartini has placed a bounty on your head - cleared by Bleltch at 22:09 - score 10-0


Founded and took The Lords of Chaos into the Top 175 guilds before stepping down as founder. Left The Lords of Chaos 22nd April 2009 to pursue my PvP interest with the Warrior Kings

Guild XP with The Lords of Chaos:


Guild XP with Warrior Kings:


Highest rank Rank5879.JPG

Top Bounty Hunters chart


Arena Champions chart


PvP ladder


Highest PvP rating: PvP2106.JPG

Most places lost: Rank-1287.JPG

Most places gained: 417placesgained.JPG

Most PvE damage: PvE8212.JPG

Highest bounty on my head: 10 FSP courtesy of shwazemoto.

and 10 FSP courtesy of Fedele FedeleShout.JPG moonfrost completed and sent me 5 FSP.

Most number of hunters trying to kill me: 18 courtesy of For Fracks Sake, second place 16 courtesy of The Wicked Players.

Most number of bounties on me in one day: 14 on 1st July 2009

Best Bounty completed: Million.JPG

Highest Kill Streak: KSb.JPG - done levelling up in Brale (North), not killing Doom Sheep for plant drops!

The Joys of PvP

19th March 2009 was a great day - it started with logging on to find a GvG conflict had started, we had 87 attacks left to make and the best we could do was draw. I joined in making 22 attacks before CyberMike got First Strike, followed by a 2% hit. Oh well, it happens.

Next up was some thieving:

  • Tattiss lost 68063 gold of which Kendraam stole 51048 gold
  • DocDoc lost 57587 gold of which Kendraam stole 43191 gold
  • 9fingers lost 57161 gold of which Kendraam stole 42871 gold
  • vellous lost 46240 gold of which Kendraam stole 34680 gold
  • ssj4wilson lost 84607 gold of which Kendraam stole 63456 gold
  • Silverious lost 85640 gold of which Kendraam stole 64230 gold
  • Edurnoc lost 65820 gold of which Kendraam stole 49365 gold

Then Silverious bountied me, a friendly clearer made 3 FSP out of it.

  • ZisiMarduk lost 80466 gold of which Kendraam stole 60350 gold
  • ssj4wilson lost 16005 gold of which Kendraam stole 12004 gold

A few PvP Arena tournaments entered and lost (i don't really count these as PvP, it's basically a lottery).

Then a delevel session on Mickey123 aka Sleepsalot

Completed a bounty on Mickey123, level 181, with ten 100 stam hits, delevelled for a friend, when level 176.

Whilst doing the bounty i found imortali with over 1 million gold on hand.

  • imortali lost 226769 gold of which Kendraam stole 170077 gold

Next up was arranging a delevel party on okhand, posted up at 17:00, he lost 4 levels.

Then a bit of Master Thievery

  • Deslock lost 281289 gold of which Kendraam stole 210967 gold

More hourly hits on imortali, he was online during these, no idea why he didn't dump his gold!

  • imortali lost 178393 gold of which Kendraam stole 133795 gold
  • imortali lost 70180 gold of which Kendraam stole 52635 gold

Finally he bounties me shortly after i go offline, again it was cleared by three friendly clearers who made 4 FSP out of it.


  • Levels taken: 4
  • Levels lost: 1
  • Gold stolen: 998,669
  • Bounties on me: 2
  • Bounties posted: 1
  • Arena wins: 0
  • Arena loses: 3
  • GvG tally: 21-1
  • PvP tally: 26-29
  • Stam used: 2720

Now come on, admit it, this is much more fun than grinding out levels!

The Lords of Chaos era

Best PvP Kills

Best Master Thief: piyapyongK lost 1,109,921 gold of which Kendraam stole 832,441

Completed a bounty on thegod07, level 172, with 100 stam hits doing 1.3 million XP damage when level 75. - now banned. LMFAO.

Completed a bounty on lovingsoul, level 204, Master Thiefed and delevelled, for my 3000th bounty kill when level 82

Completed a bounty on dtaxzy, level 227, with 50 stam hits doing 1.4 million XP damage when level 83 - i lost 5 levels for this however he never recovered his levels, still 226 after 6 months.

Contract kill on Ich, level 225, six 100 stam hits doing 1.8 million XP damage when level 89

Contract kill on DALECK, level 223, eight 100 stam hits doing 2.5 million XP damage when level 93 - i lost 5 levels for this, well 7 as DALECK got his own personal 2 delevel revenge later on.

Contract kill on toshi04, level 239, three 100 stam hits doing 1.3 million XP damage when level 105

Completed a bounty on MrWright, level 248, ten 100 stam hits doing 3.8 million XP damage when level 104 - no counter-bounty for this, respect.

Completed a bounty on ShayleeAnn, level 289, ten 100 stam hits doing 6.5 million XP damage, stealing 249,064 gold, when level 177

Completed a bounty on cfhi, level 289, only 10 stam hits when level 176

Completed a bounty on Kjeften, level 299, when level 180, took an hour and 10 minutes, 26 attacks, buffs galore and a few potions, but i got there. One tough cookie!

Completed a bounty on binmarja, level 346, three 100 stam hits, seven 10 stam hits doing 2.7 million XP damage when level 179 - now banned 24 hrs after completing bounty.

Completed a bounty on Xerthious, level 353, a 4 FSP bounty, only 10 stam hits when level 179

Completed a bounty on: hardcase: level 357 at the time, three 100 stam hits only, doing 3.8 million XP damage, due to the 'party' taking all 5 levels in 4 minutes, when level 178. Hardcase.JPG

Completed a bounty on nyklos, level 376, ten 100 stam hits doing 12 million XP damage when level 179

Completed a bounty on dentenabc, level 463, ten 100 stam hits doing 26 million XP damage, he had Def 5800 and i won 10-0 and took 4 levels myself, when level 180 Dentenabc3.JPG

Bounty hits on: paymon: level 495 at the time, two 100 stam hits doing 6.2 million XP damage when level 180 Paymon.JPG

Bounty hit on levy1977, level 499, 310 stam used doing 10.6 million XP damage when level 175 - i lost 5 levels for this.

Biggest single gold hit: levy1977: level 499 at the time, stam used....100 *Ouch* Levy1977Two.JPG

Most XP lost, Highest Level hit: wizmadd, level 508, this was my second attempt at Master Thief. Wizmadd.JPG

Most gold stolen: 3 million gold from levy1977 - appeared on the bounty board with 7 million gold on hand. Unfortuantely i only had 460 stam left. With 1 missed hit (he was 324 levels above me) i totalled levy1977 lost 3,145,296 gold of which Kendraam stole 2,358,974. After running out of stam he gained another 8 million gold from somewhere. Note to self: save reserve stam next time.

2nd place: 2 million gold from init101 - I finally put init101 out of his misery by Master Thiefing him. In summary: 7 hits using 600 stam, 1 deflect, 1 Protect Gold, 5 sucesses totalling init101 lost 1,927,644 gold of which Kendraam stole 1,445,736 gold. Moral of the story: Don't log off after having just set-up two 50 FSP secure trades especially after advertising the fact on the FS box. Idiot.

Most interesting combat: against binmarja, then level 351, note the ForceShield kicking in three times in a row, 1 in 200 odds that!


Best PvP Defenses

You were victorious over Starrywolf in combat. Level 246, i was level 105 PvPDefense.JPG

You were victorious over Harbingerr in combat. Level 302, i was level 172 in the midst of a 5 level delevel. PvPDefense2.JPG

You were victorious over slawo in combat. Level 308, i was level 179 SlawoDef.JPG

You were victorious over Generica in combat. Level 352, i was level 178 PvPDefense4.JPG

You were victorious over nevyen in combat. Level 353, i was level 180. He was 100 stamming too. The combat is snipped, actually 22 rounds. PvPDefense5.JPG

You were victorious over Thanos in combat. Level 375, i was level 175ish in the midst of an 8 level delevel. PvPDefense13.JPG

You were victorious over Nava666 in combat. Level 426, i was level 177 in the midst of a 6 bounty bonanza and buffed to the nines. PvPDefense15.JPG

You were victorious over levy1977 in combat. Level 521, i was level 178 - i was offline and he lost 3 in a row. Forgot to get pics before combat log dissappeared, damn!

You were victorious over Acvila in combat. Level 526, i was level 178. He doesn't use many buffs so i guess he doesn't mind losing.

You were victorious over Acvila in combat. Level 526

You were victorious over Acvila in combat. Level 526

You were victorious over Acvila in combat. Level 526, I did get these 4 on the same bounty though hence just the single pic. PvPDefense9.JPG

You were victorious over Acvila in combat. Level 530, i was level 179. That's 5 now, he really can't care about his PvP either. PvPDefense12.JPG

You were victorious over DaFlunk in combat. Level 597

You were victorious over DaFlunk in combat. Level 597, i was level 178. I did get these 2 on the same bounty though hence just the single pic, and this was a touch lucky; LD followed by a 2% hit and a Critical!


Wars and Conflict


On my second day of playing FS I won the recruiter pot, i got inundated with scammers trying to get me to sell my FSP to them for ridiculously low amounts of gold - one of these charming players was sword911. He told me that unless i sold FSP to him for something like 10,000 gold each he would get his 'friend' Kruelkill to attack me.

After politely telling him to go away, Kruelkill attacked me. Not having a clue about bounties or anything i simply attacked Kruelkill back thinking that would be the end of it.

Just before i logged off i put a load of FSP up on the Marketplace at what i thought was much higher than the current price thinking if one or too sold it would be good. Little knowing how the MP fluctuated i then logged off. The price of FSP rose and overnight all my FSP went and i had just over 1,500,000 gold on me. I was level 2.

Kruelkill/sword911 was obviously keeping an eye on me and once he saw the gold i had, Kruelkill put me on the bounty board - sword911 took the bounty and stole 1,000,000 gold. I got some of the rest of my gold back from other bounty hunters - namely plzplzme.

Some months later Borric had the opportunity to take a bounty on sword911 and succeeded in getting 400,000 gold back.

Until sword911 returns the rest back to me i intend to take every opportunity to irritate and frustrate him. It's not necessarily the gold loss that irks, it's the underhanded way he got it.

Amount owed: 600,000 gold.

Gaz Squad

Back in February 08 i cleared a bounty on Conan2008. I used standard 10 stam hits. The next morning when i log back in his guild have delevelled me 5 times. Attempts to understand why, obtain any restitution or even conduct diplomacy are met with complete indifference.

Their arrogance and refusal to even try and resolve the dispute ends up with the guilds at war. Unfortunately the guild isn't geared up for a guild war and whilst i could easily hit any member in the Gaz Squad, if my guild members didn't get involved they couldn't place bounties for me to take.

After delevelling thegod07 i realised that to PvP properly takes alot of time and effort and my real life was suffering. I took temporary retirement and stepped down as guild founder, appointing Quintas to Guild Founder.

In my absence the guild negotiated an alliance with Gaz Squad to calm things down. thegod07's account is terminated at some point.

Nothing much happened until November 08 when i got a message from DavieBoy of the Gaz Squad trying to wind me up.

A few weeks later a friend of mine asked if i wanted to join in on a delevelling hit on DavieBoy. I jumped at the chance.

DavieBoy1.JPG DavieBoy2.JPG

Needless to say DavieBoy went nuts, saying nothing to me he hassled Quintas no end trying to drag the guilds into another war, despite me telling DavieBoy it was a personal matter and not guild related. In frustration and annoyance Quintas broke the alliance with Gaz Squad but informed our guild that it was a personal matter between me and DavieBoy and not to get involved.

After threatening, in his bio, to take 5 levels from the people who hit him he succeeded only in delevelling Generica. He failed to even post a bounty on me, and since the hit on him hasn't said a word to me.

Some comments by DavieBoy to Quintas and my thoughts:

DavieBoy says: wait a minute man i asked for the reason why an allie was given permission to delevel a founder of an allied guild?

-i don't need permission from anyone. The hit was a favour for a friend and for trying to goad me.

DavieBoy says: i dont want to take any1s levels or go to war i cleared ppl with 10 stamina hits on the BB and then i get deleveled...

-really? You took 5 levels from Generica and Conan2008 got me delevelled 5 times for just clearing his bounty. Hypocrite.

Update: DavieBoy's account is now terminated, don't know why but i'm not surprised. End of war i guess, since all the rest of the GazSquad participants are inactive or terminated.

The Czech Knights

These guys have a guild policy that any hit on any of their players gets rewarded with a delevel party and 5 levels taken. They then gleefully record the event on their website. Don't mess with CK I'm currently one from bottom, thanks for the advert guys, and as you can see i did warn them. I also note they only took 4 levels (i had 2 or 3 bounties at once i recall and someone else was 100 stamming for an unrelated incident), and i was offline.

I hit gurusko and stole 50k gold and took Zero XP, for my efforts i lost 5, sorry, 4 levels. Since then i have been ofering rewards to anyone who can place a bounty on any of their level 250+ players. If they think they can dish out delevels for minor PvP infractions with impunity, then they'd better think again.

First Retaliation = nyklos, level 376 appeared on the Bounty Board I took his bounty and proceeded to hit him with 100 stam attacks. He was online and started getting buffs when he realised i was 100 stamming him. I lost 4 attacks and completed the bounty taking 3 levels and over 12 million XP from him. Nyklos.JPG Nyklos2.JPG Nyklos3.JPG

Despite most of his guild being online whilst he placed a counter-bounty and offering 2 FSP for every 100 stam hit on me, my bounty took over an hour to clear and not one player from his guild attempted it. Cowards.

Their next victim, kjeften, lost 5 levels too, the best bit is though they asked her not to place bounties on their hitters because i might hit them. Kjeften.JPG LMAO. Cowards.

A number of them are now sporting my name in their bios, offering rewards for my bounty. All i can say is i'm touched by their concern and can only thank them for spreading my notoriety. Thanks go to Tequilator, Alyxa1, Nexy4, Pichoslav, seefik, Caelthar and Jaroslav, awesome!

Alyxa1 appears to have changed her bio, not scared were we, or embarassed? - Evidently not as she paid WitchkingA 1 FSP to place a bounty on me.

Second retaliation = Pichoslav, level 262, one of the one's advertising for hits on me. Completed the bounty with no misses despite him online and buffed up. I guess he just Phales at PvP.

Pichoslav.JPG Pichoslav2.JPG Pichoslav3.JPG

CK finally got their wish when i completed a bounty on WitchKingA stealing 300k gold and he sold it to Alyxa1 for 1 FSP. KYBORG tried taking it but failed and gave up until Alyxa1 organised some proper hits on me. They totalled 7 attacks and only succeeded in winning 2 of those. More names to join the war list are KYBORG, Habrik and Bluebuck.

Still awaiting Pichoslavs bounty after 26 hours, times running out..............he bountied me at 2am his time after 36 hours, just to catch me offline. The resulting party took them 36 minutes to take the full 5 levels, with assistance from WitchkingA, and they nearly failed as there were only 2 more hits before completing my bounty. This time they bought out some higher level players but the 'big boys' still stayed at home. Sensible but slightly cowardly all the same.

Shortly after this their entire guild had me on ignore. Children.

My levels lost to them = 8

Their levels lost to me: nyklos = 3 Pichoslav = 3

Monty Python

After some bounty hunting i found my guild had started a GvG against the Pythons. I decided to join in, however in my haste i neglected to notice my DC had run out. Attacking Maddyson resulted in about 30 rounds of combat and me losing my attack, doh! Adding DC i attacked 6 other targets and completed our attacks with just the 1 loss against Maddyson.

The next day i log back in to see the following messages:


Er....say what? Laughing at the GvG newbies i sent back replies telling them it was just GvG. Then i hear that Matsugai has spent about 10-20 FSP on FSBox messages about me and my dastardly deeds. I hadn't even hit hit him, i got Deflected each time.

To add insult to his injury he dared me to hit him:


I hit him when he got to 496k gold, Master Thief didn't kick in but i did get 110k. He immediately bountied me for 3 FSP, and a friend promptly cleared me, splitting the prize.

We won the GvG too as they didn't even attempt to attack back.


Fire Guardians


  • 10:00 20/Apr/2009 C4RPY says: hey buddy - what you attacking my guild member cshlayer!
  • 10:01 20/Apr/2000 To C4RPY: April PvP rampage - check my bio. Was only a 10 stam tap :)
  • 10:01 20/Apr/2009 chslayer says: LOL ...up for a play are we??? * grins*--i'm thinking she'll attack me back, which is cool
  • 10:01 20/Apr/2009 To chslayer: always :)
  • 10:02 20/Apr/2009 C4RPY says: ok fair enough!
  • 10:06 20/Apr/2009 chslayer says: Cool...nothing like a bit of foreplay * grin*
  • 10:11 20/Apr/2009 To chslayer: "nice doggy"........ :) --a reference to chslayers bio
  • 10:12 20/Apr/2009 C4RPY says: we'll let you know when we're going to bounty you so you have a fair chance to defend yourself :-)--ah, looks like i'll have a bounty instead, oh well
  • 10:12 20/Apr/2009 chslayer says: woof .. can you play dead??? --given chslayers bio, i'm now thinking they might delevel me
  • 10:13 20/Apr/2009 To C4RPY: seriously, a bounty for a 10 stam hit? Fair enough, can you do it when i'm online, i love to dance - 8:00ST-17:00ST :)
  • 10:14 20/Apr/2009 To chslayer: *sharpens rock* - you're going to bounty for a 10 stam hit? Can you place it when i'm online, it'll be much more fun :)
  • 10:14 20/Apr/2009 C4RPY says: that's why I said we WOULD let you know when your bounty is so you can defend yourself :-) --ok, i'm thinking this will a normal bounty, whilst i'm online, cool
  • 10:15 20/Apr/2009 To C4RPY: That's fine, looking forward to it? --the question mark was a typo, should have been an exclamation mark
  • 10:16 20/Apr/2009 C4RPY says: is that a question for me? Am I looking forward to it? Not really, no challenge for me but will be fun for my members, be a good learning curve for them i guess :-)
  • 10:18 20/Apr/2009 To C4RPY: Punctuation error, was meant to be an exclamation mark!
  • 10:18 20/Apr/2009 chslayer says: the ten stam hit is not the issue :) .. The issue is that you hit a FG :) ie me :).. and doggy bited back :)...we will let you know, so you will have a fair chance .. --ok, i'm now thinking i'm going to get 100 stammed, which is over the top and means i'll have to retaliate
  • 10:18 20/Apr/2009 C4RPY says: ok
  • 10:19 20/Apr/2009 To chslayer: Fine, just to clarify though - 100 stams will earn your guild a whole world of pain, 10 stams, not an issue the more participants the merrier :)--this is banter, but serves to inform them that i will retaliate
  • 10:19 20/Apr/2009 To C4RPY: Fine, just to clarify though - 100 stams will earn your guild a whole world of pain, 10 stams, not an issue the more participants the merrier :)--this is NOT a threat, just a notification of consequences, i haven't asked them not to hit me, just that i'll retaliate if they do
  • 10:20 20/Apr/2009 C4RPY says: don't threaten me! --oh great, here we go.........
  • 10:21 20/Apr/2009 C4RPY says: your the one Pvp-ing take your licks like a man not a mouse!
  • 10:21 20/Apr/2009 chslayer says: LOL * grins* ... well hello there :D ...pain??? :D
  • 10:21 20/Apr/2009 To C4RPY: It's not a threat, it just what will happen if this gets silly.
  • 10:22 20/Apr/2009 C4RPY says: whatever
  • 10:24 20/Apr/2009 C4RPY says: If your PvP-ing you should expect bounties, if you are one of these that are going to moan and threaten 'a whole word of pain' jeeez - grow up - it's a game!
  • 10:25 20/Apr/2009 To C4RPY: Well, i'll take my 100 stams with all the good grace i can muster, if that's what you choose. But if you think that 100 stams from your guild is a 'fun' way to repay a single 10 stam hit, then we enter a whole new ball game. I don't care either way, just letting you know before it happens so there is no mis- understanding. 100 stams from any of your guild = new ball game, 10 stams from your entire guild = happiness all round.
  • 10:26 20/Apr/2009 C4RPY says: new ball game - what are you on about really? the worst that can happen is constant bounties going back and forth - so what!
  • 10:30 20/Apr/2009 C4RPY says: seriously look at the size of your guild! We couldn't possible compete.. Do you guys think your another TWP and can go round threatening people with ridiculous statements!? Seriously some people just get too serious and think this game is real lfe. Some poeple have to get all anrgy and aggresive threatening things because they must have some serious issues in real life - I feel for you!
  • 10:34 20/Apr/2009 To C4RPY: Who said anything about my guild, i wouldn't involve them unless you got very silly. I'm not threatening anything, i'm just saying that 100 stam delevels for a 10 stam hits is ott. If your entire guild wishes to join in on my bounty with 10 stam hits, that would be great, seriously, i love PvP - but getting all 'agricultural' - (mainly ch's PM's than yours) is not fun.
  • 10:35 20/Apr/2009 C4RPY says: But this statement is just uncalled for to be honest and is what gets peoples backs up, well mine anyway! You attack someone then send this.. that's a threat and is uncalled for >>> Kendraam says: Fine, just to clarify though - 100 stams will earn your guild a whole world of pain, 10 stams, not an issue the more participants the merrier :)
  • 10:38 20/Apr/2009 To C4RPY: this is what made me think you were all going to 100 stam me >>> chslayer says: the ten stam hit is not the issue :) .. The issue is that you hit a FG :) ie me :).. and doggy bited back :)...we will let you know, so you will have a fair chance .. <<< I'm a fair player, if i stole 500K, I'd accept 5 delevels, anything else just childish.
  • 10:41 20/Apr/2009 C4RPY says: Yeah ok I see what your saying but where you have an April PvP ramage maybe we have an April Bounty month of fun? --hmmm, seems like it's all starting to calm down now.
  • 10:53 20/Apr/2009 To C4RPY: Sure, if they're 10 stam hits, i welcome attackers. I'm on the BB most days :)
  • 10:55 20/Apr/2009 C4RPY says: I know i see that
  • 11:05 20/Apr/2009 C4RPY says: So does my whole guild get a 'world of pain' if just me and Jambo 100 stam you? --Eh? So they are going to 100 stam me!
  • 11:06 20/Apr/2009 To C4RPY: No, just those who 100 stam me, but then you'll want revenge on those who 100 stam you in return and it all gets messy.
  • 11:07 20/Apr/2009 C4RPY says: yeah guess it does :-)
  • 11:08 20/Apr/2009 To C4RPY: Ok, just so we all know where we are then.
  • 11:09 20/Apr/2009 C4RPY says: I know where I am and from what you are saying just 100 stammers will get a 'whole world of pain' (still laughing my ass off at that comment)!
  • 11:10 20/Apr/2009 To C4RPY: Just a handy turn of phrase :)
  • 11:11 20/Apr/2009 C4RPY says: yep and one that is copy and pasted to my notepad from you so on my dull days I can read that and laugh hard once again!
  • 11:13 20/Apr/2009 To C4RPY: Lol, man you must need cheering up if you find it that funny. Maybe you need to get out more :)
  • 11:24 20/Apr/2009 C4RPY says: maybe I do - but it's not me that has issues threatening guilds og a game over the internet lol - insecurity issues maybe?
  • 11:31 20/Apr/2009 C4RPY says: The games getting a wee bit boring up at these high levels now anyway - kinda been there, seen it done so this next few weeks should liven up the game somewhat for me and Jambo, so i guess i should be thanking you by giving us the opertunity :-) --he's not going to let it lie, he just has to keep trying to rile me up.
  • 11:38 20/Apr/2009 To C4RPY: Sure thing, if i can spread the gospel of PvP, then that's all good. As for my so called 'threats', get over yourself, they weren't threats, as i keep telling you. A threat would be like this - "Do not attack me otherwise i'll destroy your guild" that's a threat - informing you that i'll retaliate if you attack me is not a threat. Seriously, put aside your ego and your oh so easily offended sensibilties and chill out. I was attempting to calm the situation down but you just keep trying to rile me up, i think that perhaps it is you that has the insecurities. Still do whatever you need to make yourself feel the big man, i don't mind.
  • 11:39 20/Apr/2009 C4RPY says: lol - your getting yourself wound up lmao!
  • 11:46 20/Apr/2009 To C4RPY: Oddly enough i couldn't care less, i've dealt with delevels and all the arrogant condescending trash talk before. You're nothing new or different, still, if i can bring a little colour into your sad life, then i can feel i've accomplished something.
  • 11:48 20/Apr/2009 C4RPY says: that's nice to have goals, very good - you'll be up around 20:00 - 21:00 ST Can't say we haven't been fair about it - not many people will tell you when your being bountied! --gosh, the generosity leaves me speechless
  • 11:50 20/Apr/2009 To C4RPY: I won't be on, so enjoy yourselves, shouldn't be too difficult for you to take at least 4 levels between the two of you.
  • 11:51 20/Apr/2009 C4RPY says: who said for sure we'd be 100 stamming you - doesn't seem so much fun if your not going to be online - I've always though that was unfair and cowardness, but Jmabo don't get back from work until 20:00 so what can I do :/
  • 11:57 20/Apr/2009 To C4RPY: Look, quit playing the fool. If you 100 stam me, i'll think you're a pillock. If you 10 stam me, then i won't and we're cool. Bounty whenever, i'd prefer if i was online since it's more fun, but if you can't then not a problem.
  • 11:59 20/Apr/2009 C4RPY says: I don't care what you think of me lol... no need to start getting all abusive and name calling - what are you? Like 5 and still at school?
  • 12:05 20/Apr/2009 To C4RPY: Good grief, can you read English? I didn't call you a name, i told you what i'd think of you if you did something i didn't approve off, i'm hardly going to think you're a saint if you 100 stam me am i? I asked you to stop jerking my chain, a childish thing to do in the first place, and yet you continue to do so. I suspect you are the child, but no matter, let the dice fall where they may.
  • 12:12 20/Apr/2009 C4RPY says: I love you
  • 12:15 20/Apr/2009 To C4RPY: Why thank you, a bit early in our relationship but nonetheless a move in the right direction.
  • 12:17 20/Apr/2009 C4RPY says: your my hero :-)
  • 12:21 20/Apr/2009 To C4RPY: Lol, somehow i suspect sarcasm unless you have very low expectations for your heroes.
  • 17:09 20/Apr/2009 I log off
  • 21:42 20/Apr/2009 chslayer has placed a bounty on your head --I lose 5 levels
  • 21:54 20/Apr/2009 shdowdrgn has placed a bounty on your head --an unrelated bounty goes up - they take 5 more levels
  • 22:30 20/Apr/2009 WestLeigh has placed a bounty on your head --another unrelated bounty goes up - they take 5 more
    • Just for the record since there seem to be some lies flying around and i do have screenshots should they continue to lie.
    • C4RPY - 21 hundred stam hits
    • JamboCaz - 19 hundred stam hits
    • robr33 - 3 hundred stam hits
    • BlackGore - 23 hundred stam hits
    • chslayer - 5 hundred stam hits
    • MuttyProff - 10 hundred stam hits
    • PhoenixT - 1 hundred stam hit
    • mancity - 1 hundred stam hit
    • xraineyx - zero hundred stam hits
    • iownurmom - 3 hundred stam hits
    • sinaminn - 6 hundred stam hits
  • 07:52 21/Apr/2009 I log on
  • 07:56 21/Apr/2009 You have added player C4RPY as an enemy.
  • 08:00 21/Apr/2009 C4RPY says: just remember you attack people daily so that's a lot of possible bounties... I have another 6 people who say they can bounty you :-) --seriously? 15 levels not enough?
  • 08:02 21/Apr/2009 To C4RPY: Hmm, i don't think pillock is quite the word for you is it? Good effort, that's the most levels i've ever lost. I can only assume you follow the Islamic method of punishment, you know the sort of thing where they drive vehicles over small boys arms for stealing an apple. Hope you feel better now.
  • 08:03 21/Apr/2009 C4RPY says: could have been more but 15 seemed enough for you :-)
  • 08:42 21/Apr/2009 Player C4RPY has just sent you 10,000 gold.
  • 08:42 21/Apr/2009 C4RPY says: your ring is still broken - take that as repair payment :-)
  • 10:16 21/Apr/2009 Player C4RPY has added you as an enemy.
  • 10:49 21/Apr/2009 C4RPY says: how long do you fancy keeping this up? At least you'll be about to defend yourself from todays bounties :-)
  • 10:50 21/Apr/2009 To C4RPY: Keep what up, your persecution complex?
  • 10:51 21/Apr/2009 C4RPY says: your statement in your bio?
  • 10:53 21/Apr/2009 To C4RPY: The statement in my bio was to inform people who keep PMing me about what happened. The rest was in response to your continuation of your persecution complex and your implication i would lose up to another 30 levels today.
  • 10:54 21/Apr/2009 C4RPY says: well if you are going to be putting lies in your bio as to why we took the levels then we will take more! Only your bio has sparked me to get further bounties on you... If your bio was removed then we will cease any further bounties and de-levels! --what a delightful chap, 15 levels are obviously not enough as he's advertising on the FSBox for bounties on me
  • 11:01 21/Apr/2009 To C4RPY: sorry, your message at 8:00 was before i put anything in my bio - whilst not a direct threat it clearly implies i could lose more. If you think that taking 15 levels for a PM you deliberately took the wrong way is fine then you need help.
  • 11:03 21/Apr/2009 C4RPY says: maybe I do need help - so what? That doesn't resolve the current situation... I'll happily stop taking bounties in and call it quits now, but if you wish for this saga to continue then so be it. The balls in your court!
  • 11:04 21/Apr/2009 To C4RPY: LMAO, quits? What possible set of circumstances do you think would ever give rise to this being quits?
  • 11:05 21/Apr/2009 C4RPY says: ok
  • 13:32 22/Apr/2009 You created a bounty on - Eight members of FG and a friend of theirs. --Not all 100 stammed but, as C4RPY likes to say - 'You Play With Fire Your Going To Get Burnt!'
  • 13:44 22/Apr/2009 You have left the 'The Lords of Chaos' guild. --I'm not commenting on this save that it was my decision
  • 13:48 22/Apr/2009 You have been accepted into the 'Warrior Kings' guild.
  • 17:21 22/Apr/2009 You created a bounty on C4RPY. --He loses 5 levels, despite trying to claim it was only 3.75

tenladarr level 191 vs C4RPY level 580

CarpyTenla1.jpg CarpyTenla2.jpg

Skerdog level 343 vs C4RPY level 580


  • 17:49 22/Apr/2009 Gooner111 completed the bounty you placed on C4RPY
  • 17:57 22/Apr/2009 C4RPY says: 3.75 levels - not bad!

C4RPY.JPG--Looks like the full 5 to me

  • 17:59 22/Apr/2009 You have removed player C4RPY as an enemy. --We're done. It's not quits but it's over, move on, it's a game.

Warrior Kings era

Best PvP Kills

Gold hit on zman2789, level 188 at the time - a 100 stam hit when level 185, he was holding over 3 million. Oh how i wished for Master Thief Zman2789.JPG

Completed a bounty on sword911, level 319 at the time - three 100 stams doing 2.2 million XP damage when level 183 Sword911.JPG

Completed a bounty on Stag, level 357 at the time - took me 34 attacks, 10 wins, 5 loses, 19 Deflects!! when level 183 Stag.JPG

Attempted bounty on Malshun, level 473 at the time - 8 kills, lost 3 on a 4 FSP bounty when level 183 Malshun.JPG

Delevel session on KruCiiaLxx, level 481 at the time - 2 kills, when level 269 KruCiiaLxx.JPG

Completed a bounty on Chagryn, level 552 at the time - seven 100 stam kills, doing 10 million XP damage when level 274 Chagryn552.JPG

Completed an FSP bounty on Dracks, level 554 at the time - three 50 stam kills, when level 183 Dracks554.JPG

Attempted bounty on Darkenmoon, level 678 at the time - one 100 stam hit before he got a huge Def kit on, when level 184 Darkenmoon.JPG

Attempted bounty on levy1977, level 704 - 2 kills, lost 7 on a 1 FSP bounty when level 183 Levy19772.JPG

Attempted bounty on Luisspamer, level 731 - 1 kill, lost 4 on a bounty when level 185 Luisspamer731.JPG

Highest level hit and Most XP lost: against Iceman66, level 870 - one 100 stam hit whilst he was naked before he dumped his gold when level 224 Iceman66.JPG

Most interesting combat: against levy1977, this is what you call lucky, levy got THREE 2% misses, along with me Dodging, getting FS and SW. I finally killed him on the 8th round! Levy19771.JPG

Best PvP Defenses

You were victorious over Mclaren101. Level 348, i was level 182


You were victorious over JimmyJoe. Level 414, i was level 180


You were victorious over VonMartini in combat Level 507, i was level 275, the first of 7 wins - he 100 stamming on one of Polskas bounties, alas i was online, so i put him up on the BB and let the gang know since he had 3 million gold on him. MyCurse Master Thiefed him for over a million. He stopped at 9 kills, leaving the final score 9-7 to him. Good times. VonMartini507.JPG

You were victorious over acvila. Level 548, i was level 179


You were victorious over acvila. Level 562, i was level 185


Most PvP gained in one hit - You were victorious over acvila. Level 579, i was level 183


You were victorious over purebreed. Level 592, i was level 274


You were victorious over RJEM, level 631,i was level 273


You were victorious over misbehaved. Level 713, i was level 182 - he was 100 stamming, at 8-3 to misbehaved, tsink20 won the clear. I put misbehaved up on the BB the next day, Stangvalle's first hit = misbehaved lost 954970 experience. misbehaved lost 2,303,610 gold of which StangValle stole 1,727,708 gold StangValle gained PvP rating of 9. Got to love Master Thief :D

Misbehaved.JPG Misbehaved2.JPG Misbehaved3.JPG

Wars and Conflict


Everyone's favourite scammer got put on the board by WK, we took 5 levels - three 100 stams by myself netting 50k gold.

Total amount owed now 550,000.

Now terminated by HCS - about time.


As part of a PvP rampage I 10 stammed chanqua, a gold medal bounty hunter. Surprisingly he got really wound up and FSP bountied me and threatened a delevel party. No party ever appeared and i kept hitting him with 10 stams getting an FSP bounty each time.

Eventually he levelled to a point where 100 stams would take XP from him and I continued to hit and he continued to FSP bounty me, apparently he had an inexhaustible supply.

Unfortunately he has now gone past my VL range.

The Czech Knights

Found Rachot, level 507, on the BB when level 263. Only had time for one hit before someone else completed, awaiting retribution :) Rachot507.JPG


A charming chap who despises PvP players and thinks he's the bee's knee's becasue he levels fast. He challenged a friend of mine to slow his levelling so once he got into my range i started 100 stamming every opportunity. Obiviously encountering the usual XP locks - why do people do this? Here are the results so far.

  • Polska lost 206550 experience.
  • Polska lost 195622 experience.
  • Polska lost 216342 experience.
  • Polska lost 196106 experience. Polska's level has decreased!
  • Polska lost 219400 experience.
  • Polska lost 171224 experience.
  • Polska lost 189953 experience.
  • Polska lost 9273 experience.
  • Polska lost 23062 experience.
  • Polska lost 188114 experience.
  • Polska lost 120672 experience.
  • Polska lost 15084 experience.
  • Polska lost 194942 experience.
  • Polska lost 136906 experience.

Total - 2,083,250 XP lost, all for being a loud mouth.



Life in the local moneychangers was becoming tedious and Kendraam was fed up with sitting behind a desk whilst adventurer after adventurer came up from the docks and stashed thousands of gold pieces.

One morning Kendraam and his colleague Borric decided enough was enough and bought passage on a small fishing boat heading towards Krul Island. The trip was short and uneventful depsite sighting pirates on the way towards the beach.

The two friends consulted their map and decided to head off towards the nearby forest figuring local inhabitants wouldn't be too far. Once the beach was left behind and the light filtering through the forest canopy had dwindled, Kendraam and Borric discovered the true horrifying inhabitants. RATS!! Aaaah, hundreds of rats, everywhere............

Still fending off the rats with what little equipment they had, the two friends headed deeper into the forest hoping to find some signs of civilisation. Eventually a small settlement was discovered which boasted a Marketplace. Armed to the teeth, with pickaxes, and having left some FSP to sell at the market they ventured once more into the forest.

Ambush! Eight rabid Rats attacked from all sides but the heroes, newly armed, slaughtered the rodents and immediatelty afterwards an eerie silence descended.

Black mists rolled in engulfing Kendraam and Borric, suddenly in a flash of lightning the mists evaporated and a young man appeared. Handsome and clothed in expensive robes he exuded power. Introducing himself as Arioch, Duke of Hell, he garnered our heros with the task of spreading Chaos throughout the lands of Fallen Sword. The Lords of Chaos were born!

Before the friends had found their feet, disaster struck that very night. A young warrior called Kruelkill had been following the pair as they made camp. Previously Kruelkill had tried a protection racket with fellow thug Sword911 and had subsequently been bested by Kendraam in a fair fight. Late that night Kendraams FSP had sold, the gold appearing by magic in their camp. No watch having been set (alcohol related amensia being to blame) Kruelkill gathered a large gang of bounty hunters led by Sword911. The thieves struck and after wounding Kendraam they made off with 1 million gold.

After this set back Kendraam gathered some likeminded recruits and together with Borric their new guild was formed, never again would Kendraam be outwitted.


14:42 23/Aug/2008 Kelrithian says:'re one of the few players around who are without question, truly hardcore =) [ Reply | Buff ]

Araldite - Number Two bounty hunter. BioAraldite2.JPG

TitusNT - Number One bounty hunter. BioTitus2.JPG

C4RPY's anonymous friends AnonTest1.jpg

and these too - priceless AnonTest2.jpg

Most Influential Player nomination Ryebred.JPG

Thanks Rye :)