Keeping Whats Ours

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975 Volmar Wastes (Cave) (4, 2) Karthak Royal Decree



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You hear a low mumble of harsh words.

You are shocked to find a thin Gomgi Scout swearing at the broken bow in his hands. His head suddenly snaps up at you, 'You leave Grol Gik alone!' He shakes the broken bow at you. Jamiesina peers around you, 'What is that?' She points at the necklace around his throat. You then see the beads pulse slightly.

The sly Gomgi grabs the necklace, 'Grol Gik will break the magic if you step any closer!' Jamiesina grabs your arm and says quickly to the vile little Goblin, 'Where did you get that?' His long fingers do not let the necklace go, 'Grol Gik found a door in the ground. He fight a dried up man and took his necklace. Stupid old man. His brains were as gone as his blood. Grol Gik was only wanting to shelter from the cold, not fight to the death. But he was too stupid to understand. So Gril Gik had to murder him, but Grol Gik got shiney necklace for his trouble. But Grol Gik broke Bola in the fight and has to use this horrible Orc Bow. That does not work!' he shakes the useless thing at you.

Jamiesina leans close and whispers to you, 'Sounds like he found a grave and destroyed an ancient Undead. If they are starved of flesh for too long the animation spell begins to fade. Though the fading of Undeath takes centuries and is very rare. But It has been known. This silly Goblin might have bested a powerful Undead and not known. But I do know that I want that necklace.

You take a step back and see Grol Gik relax slightly. You then ask why he is so far from Ironwood and the Goblin blinks in shock at you. 'You know Grol Gik is Gomji?' You smile and tell him that it's no wonder he has run so far from the Bonepickers, anyone would. Grol Gik laughs and nods his oversized head, 'Yes – Bonepickers are very quick to throw punches.' He then stops as if he has said too much. 'Grol Gik not speak to Paleskin. Gomji not trust the Paleskin!'

Jamiesina pulls you away, 'How can you get him to trust us? We can't have the magic dissipated from the necklace so we can just attack him and take it. I never knew a Goblin could be so smart! We must find a way to get his confidence.'

Grol Gik sits in the ash of the Volmar Wastes, he stares back at you with his blood red eyes. 'Go away, Grol Gik no trust you.'

You take out the beautifully written scroll and lay it in front of the sly Goblin. You watch as Grol Gik stares at it. He then points, 'Is that... is that the mark of the Paleskin Chief?' You nod slowly. Jamiesina says in an irritated tone, 'Yes, the Hunter annoyed the King of Karthak so much that he exiled us both from the City.'

The Goblin picks up the Decree, and laughs. 'You upset the Chief and he threw you out. Well, an enemy of the Paleskin Chief is a friend of the Gomji.' Jamiesina takes a sharp intake of breath and says quickly, 'Friends help each other out don't they? Let's trade for the necklace, we can both do each other a favor.' Grol Gik looks at the broken bow and signs.

'Grol Gik has been sent out to get our knives back. The big Orcs took them from a hunting pack back in the Xanlin Plateau. The Bonepickers don't want our knives being used by other clans. They are special to us you see. If you get me the Knives back, I will trade the shiny necklace for it. Then Grol Gik can go back home to be shouted at.' He hands you a battered skin with rough drawings on it. 'These are the missing knives.'

You receive 1 x Gomji Knives Recipe

Grol Gik smashes the useless bow against the floor in frustration, 'Stupid Orcs and their girly weapons. You got those Gomji Knives yet?'

He takes the knives, 'That is great, here. Take this thing, it makes my skin itch. I can use one of these knives to get me home. Grol Gik does not forget his friends.' He laughs and throws the necklace at you. As you pick it up he vanishes off into the ash wastes.

The necklace sits in your hands, the beads feel oddly cold. Jamiesina looks at it closely, 'Don't put it on. I get the feeling from what Grol Gik said that it is probably enchanted with an evil spell. But it is a powerful find. I just hope it will be worth the effort. Come on Hunter, the path leads ever onward.'

You receive 5,128,112 Xp + 1 x Necklace of Red Beads