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Joined: 16 Nov 2007
Name: Karoj
Guild: The Lords of Chaos
Allies: Kendraam, Silken, Smurflord, Relevance, jandshyne

Biography: The Creature Doomed to Live

It was dark and naked.


  It was dark and I was naked.

Yes, that's how it was.

It was dark and I was naked. And there were rats everywhere. Delicious, devoured them raw/whole. Bones splinter and shatter my mouth/slice the gums. Fur hacked out in matted clumps.

Nosde found me. I was trying to buy some clothes the Auction House. Infernus. He bought the last cheap pair for a friend. But he invited me into his guild and helped me buy a set. I've been here since level 5.

They taught me things. It was such a small guild back then. That was before jumperrr won the lottery twice in a row and got terminated. That was back when you had to buy tickets for the lotto. Back when a Rune of Decay cost more than 100 FSP. He wanted one so badly.

So few are left-----I can't remember most of them. Djeneral and monolake.... they were here. I vaguely remember Tanya14141 & Theobold and I think mabey Debeo but now.... the memories fade.

Forget it.

By now I have figured out I can't die; doomed to live//a creature//

At least the horned gods created skills above level 200. At least players finally broke through that ceiling and could cast doubler. that counts for something.


The Midrift

Kendraam has found a new tribe. One that echos his brand of thinking. This is good for him, but I miss the in guild banter and antics. Silken has followed suite.

Burnsie retired when a perfect storm of family health and RL friends clashing with FS friends descended.

Here's a Sample




Push0ver retired after the freeforall ensuing with the original launch of the Prestige point system before the reversal and the 48 hour ban on bounties. It made him realize somethings, things out side the reach of fallensword.

Far, far after these events, Skerdog and I become the guild founders. For a time, all is right with the world. And then we grow weary.

Smunn02 is an important friend and council member during this time, but that is another story.

The Golden Years

Skerdog and I have stepped down as guild founders. All hail 3eko and Nonya! All hail new councilmen goatman1, kokilio56, Groogurk, FeralFrnzy, and deff352. All hail Smunn02 and Borric for continuing to shoulder the burden of leadership. As an old man I mutter advice, but the chains of responsibility have been lifted. I wash my hands of accountability, but not the guild. Never the guild. This is good. New life inhaled through fragile flesh; the blood returns colour to my features. This is where the story begins.

Rediscovering the joys of PvP. Don't haggle with goatman over his XP. Picture7.png

Oh, the bountiful nature of PvP.

11:38 19/Jan/2011 Karoj 11:38 19/Jan/2011 [ Ignore ] You completed a bounty on Cadeiam gaining the reward of 10 FallenSword Points. Winning Hit, 693 v 697