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381 Wasteland (South) (8,9) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Kill 25 Outcast Orcs
  3. Return to Start


  • 521,210 XP

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The realm you have entered is a sad place. The earth is brown and soulless, you walk on through the mud. You are shocked when you come across a brightly dressed Orc laughing his head off. He is looking at a large scroll which he seems to be writing something on.

Without looking up he barks an order at you, 'Right, nearly at the quota, here, go get 25 Outcast Orcs, that scum needs a good kill'n. Now don't get killed or ya don't get paid. Well I get paid, you don't, it's a real laugh that is, he he he.'

The Orc is surrounded by other hunters, all talking at once. Its a wonder that he keeps the rabble under control. Eventually they all get seen to and you wander up. The orc looks at you in astonishment, 'Wot you want? You killed 25 Outcast Orcs?'

The Orc gawps at you, 'Oh, right. Well your not a Greenskin and I don't deal with your type, so push off. Or I'll get the lads round to give you a good kick'n. Cheers for the kills though, I made target.' And he begins to laugh at you. You now realise why he was laughing when you first saw him, he had no intention of giving you anything for your trouble. You gain 521,210 xp