Influence of the Dark

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660 Caliginous Forests (Thicket) (15, 2) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Return to Start
  3. Go to Grove of Farn-org (12, 2)
  4. Return to Grove of Farn-org (12, 2)


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A group of Gnomes are hauling their stuff through the thickest parts of the forest. They appear to be very wary. One of the Gnomes spots you. 'They are decimating these lands, they must be stopped at all cost! We will only return once those foul green creatures have been slain. Are you here to help slay them?'

'Okay. You will find the green creatures scattered throughout this area. Return here once you have finished.'

You arrive back at the Gnome. 'Did you manage to slay them?'

'Hmm... I'm still not certain whether my people should return here yet. Rumor has it that those green creatures are under the influence of the far greater, more powerful magical creature. We have a group of scouts in the Grove area. They believe they have managed to track down the magical creature. You should meet up with them there. Good luck!'

You manage to meet up with the Gnome scouts. 'Are you here to help us? Our reinforcements were due several hours ago, however we have yet to receive them!'

'I guess you'll have to do. We have been trying to hunt down Farn-org. We believe if he is destroyed, then his control over the Green Men will cease, along with their assault upon our homes. I shall wait here for your return. My comrades will also accompany you in hunting him down, however they will split up to cover more ground. Good luck!'

You arrive back at the lead scout. 'Did you manage to hunt down and slay Farn-Org?'

'Impressive work, friend. I am already hearing reports indicating the slaying of the ancient beast known as Farn-org has sucessfully destroyed the control the ancient beast had over the Green Men. Our homes are once again safe, at least for a while.' The Gnome jokes. 'Here, take this. I found it while scouting this area. Perhaps you will have more use for it.' You gain 2,087,714 XP and 'Helmet of Comizhar'.