Improved Fireball

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497 Forest of Ral (Depths) (6,13) [none]



  1. Obtain Ormr Pyroclastic Gland
  2. Return to Start


  • 813,491 XP

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You come across a man dressed in a bright robe.

The man looks vacantly at you, 'I have a lot to think about. But you can help me. I'm Garadrill, a Sorcerer. I'm trying to create an advanced Fireball Spell. All spells needs a convergence for the incantations energy to center on. This convergence must have an echo of the desired effect of the Spell. I theorize that if I find a powerful convergence I can augment the Fireball Spell. I just need a powerful ingredient. The Ormr Dragon has the Pyroclastic Gland which I think I can base the new spell off. Could you acquire me one. I would be most grateful.'

Garadrill is busy scribbling into a scroll when you return, \'Have you acquired me the Ormr Pyroclastic Gland?\'

The young Sorcerer takes the gland, 'Ah – it's hot! I never thought it would have an residual heat after removal. Thank you Warrior, I am sure I can create the Spell with such quality ingredients. Maybe some day you will see the fruits of you labour.' You gain 813,491 Xp.