Hunter of the Deep

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467 Icebelt Thule (South) (7,6) [none]



  1. Obtain Spark of Life from Ice Knight
  2. Return to Start
  3. Level up to level 170
  4. Go to Broken Ice Shelf (4,11)
  5. Kill 1x The Tursas (Elite)
  6. Return to Broken Ice Shelf (4,11)


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The wind has picked up as you trudge through the snow. The cold bites deep into your bones. It comes as no surprise that you come across a frozen body laying in the snow. You look around the area and find a man burning a sled.

The man looks up from the small fire, 'My body guards fell to the Ice Knights. I didn't want to get lost in this white wilderness. So I burnt the only thing that would light, and hoped someone would come along before it was too late.' He looks you up and down, 'You look like a Warrior, and traveling alone in this deadly place! You are either very powerful or foolish. I'd wager the former, you would be dead if you were a fool. I'm looking for a lure for a special catch, the Ice Knights have a Spark of Life which will attract it. Can you succeed where my body guards failed, and get me a Spark of Life?'

The fire is almost dead when you return, but the man seems newly invigorated, \'Good to see you back, did you get the Spark of Life?\'

He takes the Spark from you gratefully, 'Well done, I'm not sure that I would have managed by myself. I'm sure you've spoken to the Qawi, I'm looking for that Monster they talk about. They say it appears regularly near the Broken Ice Shelf just off the Icebelt Edge. You can join me in the Hunt if you want.'

The Hunter you met earlier is laying on the ice covered in blood.

As you draw nearer you realize he doesn't have long to live, 'So you thought you'd come along on the hunt after all. Well - maybe I should have waited for you. The Monster is far more powerful than I thought. I never thought a mindless Monster would best me. The Qawi call him “The Tursas”, watch yourself if you go after him. Though I could die easier knowing he went first.'

The Hunter\'s breath is ragged, with a huge effort he gasps, \'Did you get The Tursas (Elite)?\'

He laughs a painful rattle and opens his hand. As you take the ring you are about to thank him when you see it's too late. You receive 848,728 Xp + 1 x Hunters Edge