Hunger Pangs

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393 Fractured Foundations (12,5) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Obtain 1 Bat Guts from Dar GromSol Bat Swarm
  3. Return to Start
  4. Obtain 1 Lava Jelly from Dolamon Larva
  5. Return to Start


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The Guard Tower has seen better days, but the fabric of the building has not been helped by the infestation of worms eating the ground around it's foundations. Within the darkness you hear a frustrated muttering.

You find a man with gray skin spindly arms and legs sitting on the rough dirt floor. As you draw your sword to slay the Ghoul it looks at you, 'Ooooh you're tough aren't ya. I'm unarmed and staving but you are gonna cut me down just coz I ain't as strong as my flesh eating brothers. I run the shop round the corner trying to earn an honest living. Flesh eating shopkeepers don't get the customers so I eat soup. But I can't get the ingredients, they move too fast.' You sheath your sword, maybe this weird creature might just need a break. The Ghoul's eyes widen, 'You not gonna skewer me, ok would you get me some Bat Guts, I'll make it worth your while.'

The little Ghoul sits in the darkness awaiting your return, 'You got the bat Guts?' he whines.

Greedy little hands grab the slippery entrails, 'Ooooo still slurpy and warm, loooovely. Right I just need some Lava Jelly to finish the soup. If you'd be so kind?' The eyes widen and his mouth widens into a roguish grin, you assume he is trying to look pleasant, it doesn't work very well.

The unpleasant ingredients must make a truly horrendous soup, but your not the one eating it. No accounting for taste. 'Haa, your back, got the Lava Jelly?'

The Ghoul giggles with delight. 'You are very considerate, I'll be able to get a frothy broth with this Jelly. Here take this, its quite old but does have its uses, Come round to the shop if you want something.' You gain 554,603 xp + 1 x Withered Hand Amulet.