Heart of Gem

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341 Korundor (North) (10,8) [none]



  1. Obtain Golem Gem from Dwarf Armor Golem
  2. Go to Start


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Through the trees you hear a rustling...

A man dressed in a battered traveling cloak jumps as you approach, 'Oh, sorry I thought you were one of those Dwarf Armor Golems! They are so determined, did you know that they are powered by a magical stone? I'm an inventor, and I think that if this can power a stone sculpture for hundreds of years then surly it can be useful for something else. Would you be so good as to get me a Golem Gem?'

The inverter in the brown travel cloak is still sat miserably where you left him, 'Have you retrieved a Golem Gem from one of those Dwarf Armor Golems?'

He takes the gem, 'It's strange how it has a warmth, the energy held within the older magics are more potent than the incantations weaved now-a-days. You have been so kind, here take this Amulet, it has been useful to me in the past.' You gain 382,604 XP and 1 x Amulet of Xerjinra.