Halting the Horde

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868 City of Elghast (Outskirts) (2, 7) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to City of Elghast (Outskirts) (12, 1)
  3. Return to Start


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You encounter a group of elves. They assemble into a defensive formation upon spotting you, their weapons poised towards you. Once they recognize you are no threat to them, they stand down. The leader approaches you. 'You are very brave to travel these streets alone. We have just received reports that the sorcerers is preparing to unleash a horde of demonic creatures from another world. We are looking for a way to prevent the horde from emerging. Would you be willing to assist us in stopping the horde from emerging?'

'The mystical gate where these demonic creatures will be emerging from must be destroyed. We have considered laying an explosive at the gates to destroy them, thus preventing the horde from emerging, however the city guards captured two of our explosive experts who were carrying the explosives. If you can recover the explosive components from the guards, then you should be able to lay the explosive at the gate and finally destroy it. Here, take this. It is the recipe for the explosive. You will need it if you manage to recover all the explosive components. You will find the gateway to the north-east. Good luck!'

You arrive at the gateway to the plaza.

You discreetly lay down the explosive at the base of the entrance and set light to the fuse. You make a hasty withdrawal to safety before watching the fireworks. Surely enough the bomb detonates, subsequently bringing down the gateway while crushing many of the soldiers standing guard underneath. You will need to inform the elves of your success in taking down the gateway.

You arrive back at the group of Elven soldiers who just finishing dispatching several Elghast city guards. The leader approaches you as he wipes his blood covered blade. 'Were you successful in destroying the mystical portal?'

'Excellent work, friend. That should stop the sorcerer from unleashing his horde of demonic creatures into this world. There is still the matter of killing the Sorcerer himself. You could meet the mercenaries that were sent to assassinate the Sorcerer, they are located in the Plaza. Here, take this as a reward for helping us destroy the gateway.' The Elven soldier hands you an impressive looking rune.

You gain 4,063,804 XP and 'Rune of Zheila'.